The Sejm rejected the draft liberalization of abortion rules

Warsaw, June 23, 2022. Members in the Sejm session room. PAP / Rafał Guz The Sejm rejected the civilian bill on safe termination of pregnancy. The proposed provisions included the right to terminate a pregnancy until the 12th week. Law and Justice MEPs, the Polish Coalition, the Confederation and the Agreement voted in first reading … Read more

Abortion liberalization project in the Sejm. “Nobody has to listen to Marta Lempart” – Wprost

The appearance of the project in the Sejm is the result of collecting more than 200,000. signatures by the Citizens’ Legislative Initiative Committee “Legal Abortion. No Compromise”. The bill liberalizes abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy without requiring justification for such a decision. The procedures would be funded by the National Health Fund … Read more

President of the Federation of Life Movements: Project “Legal Abortion without …

The Polish constitution protects human life. If the Constitutional Tribunal ruled in 1997 that the social condition was unconstitutional, and in 2020 that the condition was caused by illness or disability, how can the constitution require abortion up to 12 weeks without restrictions? – says Jakub Bałtroszewicz, President of the Polish Federation of Life Defense … Read more