MKIŚ has published the draft of the new NWMP 2028

The draft of the National Management Plan for Municipal Waste until 2028 has been published. that the processing capacity of the thermal waste treatment plant for 2034 is estimated at 4.2 million Mg per year. municipal waste, KPGO 2028© eyetronic The Ministry of Climate and Environment (MKiŚ) has published the draft National Management Plan Municipal … Read more

Atal with a project in full swing in the center of Katowice

Atal has presented a new investment in Upper Silesia – Atal Olimpijska in Katowice. The project envisages the construction of three apartment buildings, the highest of which will have 36 floors. Author: June 29, 2022 09:35 Atal Olimpijska consists of three buildings. One of them will be the tallest residential building in Silesia. The … Read more

News | The city of Bytom – Metropolis GZM

In June comes the pilot phase of the implementation of the Support Circles Model by the local PSONI circles in Bytom, Zgierz and Tarnów, implemented as part of the Circles of Support – The Future Begins Today project, which will be implemented since 2021. an end. Although the project is about to end, the idea … Read more

Flis: Instead of the opposition I would like to ask PiS to carry out this project

In the idea of ​​changing the electoral law, I don’t see a genius plan, but another way for PiS to harm itself, says Prof. Jarosław Flis, sociologist, Jagiellonian University. The ruling Law and Justice party should try to change the electoral law. Instead of 41 circles, there would be 100. How important would this change … Read more

Laboratory Medicine Bill passed by the government

Today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers was all about: on the Laboratory Medicine Act The government passed the bill. The local government of diagnosticians previously pointed to shortcomings, and the port – to misinformation being spread in the environment He published a position on this matter, but no one signed it Design at a … Read more

The Laboratory Medicine Act divides the environment. What awaits diagnosticians?

Today’s Council of Ministers meeting includes: on the Laboratory Medicine Act The project of the Minister of Health has been positively assessed by the Governmental Analysis Centre The diagnosticians are not completely satisfied. The local government points out the shortcomings, but does not want the project to end up in the trash He published a … Read more

The 10H rule remains, but can be avoided

The cabinet is discussing the draft law to amend the investment in wind farms Act and several other laws, the Prime Minister’s Chancellery reports. The purpose of the amendment to the regulations is to facilitate the implementation of investments in the field of onshore wind farms, while maintaining maximum operational safety. The “10H rule” is … Read more