A journey through the music of the regions in the works of Polish composers

The reasons for inspiration with the music of the regions were different: from a patriotic attitude or personal preferences to the pressure of communist ideology. All this allowed us to maintain our unique identity, and the unique charm in the distinctive sounds still makes us admire individual cultures. Following the folkloric inspirations of the most … Read more

Time for your city. Time for Summer in Jastrzębie-Zdrój »Radio 90 FM

The offer is rich – announced the President of Jastrzębie-Zdrój Anna Hetman. Anna Hetman: All our facilities offer a wide range of activities, both sports and cultural: the library, the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center and the Municipal Cultural Center have offers for different groups, both outings and activities on site. We encourage children and … Read more

Castle in Stobnica. The prosecutor’s office appealed the decision to stop the proceedings

Pozna investment from the company DJT in Stobnica (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship) is conducted in the area Kind 2000† According to the spokesman for the Pozna County Prosecutor’s Office Proxy ukasz Wawrzyniak in the opinion of the Public Prosecutor, the court took the unfounded assumption that there were grounds to terminate the proceedings against Paweł N., Dymitr … Read more

Flis: Instead of the opposition I would like to ask PiS to carry out this project

In the idea of ​​changing the electoral law, I don’t see a genius plan, but another way for PiS to harm itself, says Prof. Jarosław Flis, sociologist, Jagiellonian University. The ruling Law and Justice party should try to change the electoral law. Instead of 41 circles, there would be 100. How important would this change … Read more

Laboratory Medicine Bill passed by the government

Today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers was all about: on the Laboratory Medicine Act The government passed the bill. The local government of diagnosticians previously pointed to shortcomings, and the port – to misinformation being spread in the environment He published a position on this matter, but no one signed it Design at a … Read more

Summer 2022 – the most fashionable styles of dresses and skirts

Summer 2022 brings a mix of styles, textures and colors into fashion. Lovers of retro style, minimalist and multicolored styling fans will find something for themselves. This season there are dresses and skirts that emphasize our femininity. Sensual cutouts, ruffles, sequins and puff sleeves are a must in the summer. Many of them were in … Read more

Pruszcz Gdański: Summer in the City

Do you spend the summer in the city? You will not be bored. In the town of Pruszcz Gdański, many attractions are being prepared, from family fairs, meetings with authors, historical events, to concerts of Polish and world musicians or performances of the Wybrzeże Theater. The calendar of events is rich and everyone will surely … Read more

Travel to the wells. “Odyseja Schulzowska 2022” in the open air

Schulz’s Sanatorium. In the picture. Małgorzata Polakowska and Jakub Kornacki // photo: Marzena Chojnowska 20/06/2022 Starting this weekend, the nooks and crannies, yards and playing fields of Gdynia will become the stage for intriguing theater performances based on the prose of Bruno Schulz. All this is thanks to the Gdynia Główna Theater Project, which aims … Read more