oasis and luxury with a touch of elegance. 200 m² in a garden near Gdansk

Next to the forest is a house of 200 meters with a huge garden. It is comfortable and spacious here. There is a touch of luxury in the classy elegance. An oasis of tranquility and a comfortable living space is the work of Agata Komar, a designer of Versalka Studio.

Author: Tamara Marczewska August 5, 2022 15:56

  • A soft loft near Gdańsk is a house of 200 meters long with a huge garden.
  • It is located in a picturesque area, close to forests and lakes.
  • Thanks to the developed infrastructure, access to the center of Gdańsk takes 10 minutes.
  • There is a touch of luxury in the classy elegance of the design. This house is an oasis of tranquility and a comfortable living space.
  • The interior is the work of the designer Agata Komar of Versalka Studio.

In an intimate, picturesquely located neighborhood is the more than 200 meters high house with an enormous garden. It borders the forest and ponds. It is only a 10-minute drive to the center of Gdańsk and the area’s well-developed infrastructure ensures efficient communication between the suburbs and the Tri-City. The interior of the house is the work of Agata Komar, a designer from the studio of Versalka Studio.

The house belongs to a couple who decided to find an oasis of peace near Gdańsk and create a dream space to live.

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From the start, investors had their own vision of interior design and very specific stylistic preferences.


They liked the interiors with lots of wood against the black and gray background. They didn’t shy away from stylish accessories: they love calacatta stone patterns and gold.

The house is another realization of the owners. This time the goal and the final. It is to fulfill all previous dreams and expectations. Customers have been introduced locally to Versalka Studio. Agata Komar has been active in this part of the Tri-City for many years.

Loft interiors: black alternating with gray

Customers were inspired by loft interiors. However, their dream home had to be cozy. Spacious, with a touch of luxury and elegance. All these principles are fully implemented and can be harmoniously combined with each other.

The collaboration between the designer and the Investors has resulted in an interesting and stylish whole.

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The living space of the house is a spacious living room of approximately 80 meters, connected with a kitchenette and a dining room. Black and gray are reflected on the walls, in the furniture and on the huge modular sofa: the central and most important element of the equipment of this interior.

The designer offered investors the Polish brand Gala Collezione. It offers collections that successfully combine aesthetic values ​​with functionality conducive to relaxation.


The soft upholstery of the Karato corner has a dark gray shade that harmonizes with the house. The owners appreciate the combination of practical comfort with a striking shape. The Karato shape invites you to blissful rest and creates a cozy atmosphere in the living room.

The fireplace also attracts attention. Against the background of black quartz sinter, it has a light, delicate veining and a large woody panel.

Custom made furniture

All furniture in the house is made with great attention to detail. The carpentry company has implemented the principles for the furniture design. At the same time, she presented her own ideas and interesting solutions.

The heart of the house is the black and white kitchen. The contrast emphasizes its elegance and character.

The accent is a hidden bar coming out of the top – an idea from the owner himself. He values ​​comfort and modern technologies, as well as creative, innovative solutions.


The large amount of wood and wood-like materials attracts attention. The panels on the walls and tiles on the floor make the arrangement warm and cozy despite the strictness.

Beautiful bathrooms – simply royal

The quintessence of style and luxury are three bathrooms here. The base color is black, alternating with wood and gold.

White ceramics, black fixtures and phenomenal LED lighting create the atmosphere of the best bath salons in luxury hotels. The largest bathroom deserves attention. With a free-standing bath, a glossy black stretch ceiling and high-quality wooden panels on the walls, it makes a phenomenal impression.


Thanks to the ideas of studio Versalka Studio, functional interiors were created and at the same time elegant in its simplicity, timeless and not without character. The kind where family life shows its most beautiful colors.

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