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The modern pace of life forces us to run constantly: we run to work, to an important meeting, to pick up a child from kindergarten, etc. When we rub our eyes in the morning, we become attacked everywhere with a million pieces of information and news. We live in a hurry. And in exactly the same way we spend our free time and vacations – which we hardly have time for.

What comes to mind when you hear the slogan “slow travel”? A train that still stops in the middle of nowhere? A car bumper to bumper stuck in a traffic jam? Or maybe the plane was delayed several hours? It’s time to catch your breath, because that’s not what the story is about. Time to slow down!

Let’s start at the beginning, with the definition and meaning: word in English means ‘slow’ and ‘travel’ just means ‘travel’, meaning both words together mean ‘travel slowly’. It is a term and concept that has emerged relatively recently, along with an increasing number of people traveling alone. It focuses attention on one place or one country. But it’s not about stopping somewhere for a few days, these aren’t tours, or just visiting places that can be found in popular guidebooks.

Slow travel is the opportunity to enjoy one selected city, town or village. It is also the use of local means of transport and eating in local pubs among local residents. It is a journey at a snail’s pace and a return to the roots.

During the pandemic and the associated lockdowns, many of us realized that change is possible: it is possible to slow down and focus on what really interests us. This approach also translates into tourism. The besieged Masuria, the mountains and the Baltic coast is a situation that will probably stay with us permanently. At the same time, intimate accommodation is more popular: houses in the forest wilderness, tent sites and everything far from hotel giants.

All you need to do to get started is change your perspective and mindset. Here are some tips to make your next vacation a more authentic experience.

Choose Regional and TLK Railways

Lack of technology and internet in old trains (screens, monitors, sockets) is conducive to thinking and reading, but also to looking at what is outside the window or entering into new relationships. Peeping out the window will not be experienced as useless and thoughtless at all. On the contrary. fits perfectly with the idea of ​​slow travel.

Take your time and don’t plan

For once, leave a few things to chance. When every minute of your vacation is planned, you leave no room for spontaneity or coincidence. When you wake up on the first day of your journey, surrender to what the world has in store for you and live without fear of missing out. When you have time to follow intriguing paths or say yes to unexpected offers, something amazing happens – your vacation turns into an adventure! Give up “must see” places in favor of “nice to be”.

Live like a local

Talk to the locals you meet when you get there and staying with the locals — be it at an Airbnb, a farm, or a local guest house — is a great way to meet people. Get to know them, ask about your favorite places to eat, relax and study. They know the city, so follow their advice.

Pack your sneakers and walk around as much as you can.

Rushing subway or bus will not give you such experiences as walking the side streets. You’ll see waiters laughing in the back of the restaurant during a cigarette break and bumping into a street food market. You will notice the colorful tiles on the building or listen to novels popular with street booksellers.

Sufficient luggage

The backpack is the perfect solution for a trip during the summer holidays – it contains all the necessary items and leaves your hands free. The perfect backpack is functional and safe for the spine while walking. – explains Anna Dmochowska, director of the Polish company Cedar (maker of the Peterson and Rovicky brands).

When choosing a backpack for a longer trip (more than two days), you should pay attention to the capacity of the backpack. 20-30 liters is enough for a short trip, while for a multi-day stay in the mountains it is worth choosing a backpack with a capacity of 40 liters, in which not only food, but also fleece will fit.

Must-have is a compartment for a water bottle or a water bottle! It is very easy to dry out during summer sports, so our backpack must have a side mesh pocket or a welt pocket. In addition, the advantage of a backpack for travel is an inner pocket with an organizer, in which we can hide valuables (documents, phone, wallet and keys).

Note the zippers – straight zippers are easier to close than curved ones. However, the best material for a tourist backpack is a durable polyamide fabric.

We do not only make trips to the mountains, but also to another city. Sightseeing will be much more fun if we choose a backpack that will not weigh (like a handbag) on ​​one shoulder. Practical small backpacks are enough to store a wallet, moisturizing wipes or drinking water. An additional advantage is a fashionable pattern.

Backpacks – bags that are perfect for summer trips outside the city are very popular. However, if you opt for a colorful backpack with strings instead of a harness, remember not to pack too many heavy things. Strings sticking in the back will not make the sights pleasant.

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