Travel back in time with Varius Manx. An evening full of emotions at the Tarasy Amphitheater in Sopot

Varius Manx – “Before You Understand”:

Although nearly thirty years have passed since Varius Manx’s first hits on radio stations, loyal fans still remember every word of the songs they grew up with, had their first loves, or said goodbye. On Thursday evening, the band served the Tri-City audience with a hearty portion of joy and emotion. Although the audience was not many, they had a great time.

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There were surprisingly many vacancies at the Tarasy Amphitheater in Sopot, where Varius Manx came to meet the fans. The band kicked off at the scheduled time, but the number of empty seats was surprisingly high. Gradually the audience filled up, but it was not the bulging audience that would be expected at a concert of this group. While this fact also seemed to upset the musicians in the early moments, it didn’t take long for the atmosphere to improve significantly.

It’s all because of the fanswho participated in the concert with full commitment from the first sounds. The crowd, mostly middle-aged, didn’t need to warm up to have fun. The event started with the song “Kill me” with a rock sound, from the album “Eleven”. The vocals of Kasia Stankiewicz do not lose their quality over the years. The singer presented herself well in Sopot, her outfit was also impressive.

The concert was largely based on interaction with the audience. Already in the third song, Stankiewicz chose two participants from the audience, who invited them on stage to perform the song together. “Be able to”. The microphone went to Justyna’s hand, who came from the front rows, who managed to sing the song quite well. The second of the ladies started with dance improvisation and finally confessed to all the gathered people that although she loves the leader of the band, she has a real undying love for the saxophonist, Micha Kobojek. The musicians and the audience welcomed this confession with laughter and thunderous applause, to the gratitude of the person concerned.

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From time to time, confessions of love were heard from the audience towards the stage. People had a great time and made it known by singing, dancing, fooling around and just enjoying the moment. For such a relatively small audience, the game was very successful. What is the eternal phenomenon of Varius Manx?

I think I can guess. Although I can’t remember those times while listening “quicksand”, “Before You Understand” if “Kiss the Night” I can imagine a hot summer night in the 90s, no cell phones, carefree. On Thursday, during the concert, the audience eagerly listened to the following hits from their childhood, probably recalling school discos and first loves. It’s about the feeling, of course. This was evident even during lesser known or newer songs, when the audience concentration was slightly less. However, for the regular gathering of viewers for so many years, melancholy alone is not enough. Of course they have a big role great, poetic lyrics, beautiful melodies and a well-coordinated teamwho touches the third decade with his music.

We heard all the big songs, along with hits like “Eagle’s Shadow” and “moon song “with the singer leaving the stage to the front rows and, sharing the microphone with the audience, allowed her to viciously whimper at it – which didn’t ruin the mood at all. Stankiewicz shyly suggested after just over an hour that the concert was slowly coming to an end, but the audience didn’t want to hear about it. So there could be an encore and loud singing together.

In the age of constant imagery on social media and watching important moments of life through smartphone cameras capturing everything, it was very refreshing to hear the words: “Try to unveil your face and look straight at the sun; Just admire and be moved as much as possible” – and on Thursday night there was no shortage of emotions. And for all those who grew up in the heartfelt 90s, there’s just a little bit of jealousy.

The song “Maj” performed by a fan:

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