Top 5 idyllic proposals for the long weekend of August

Flowery meadows, green hills, wooden buildings – this is a collection of truly idyllic rural landscapes. We’ve picked 5 peaceful, magical places in Poland to spend this weekend

In a few days we will have the opportunity to rest during the longer weekend of August. Assuming we start on Friday, we can rest until Monday. That’s why an extended version of the weekend is waiting for us. You can spend it surrounded by forests, meadows, meadows, enjoying the silence disturbed only by the sound of trees or the singing of birds. Such opportunities are provided by facilities located far from the hustle and bustle of the city. For those who have no idea how to spend this weekend, HRE Investments has put together a list of offers that can still be booked. These are not the biggest, smallest, most expensive places – they are just idyllic, ie rural and idyllic – where the only duty is to rest.

Weekend at the open-air museum

The first idyllic proposal to spend the long weekend in August is a stay in Uroczysko Zaborek. The facility is located in Podlasie, exactly in Janów Podlaski, near the famous horse farm.

The whole thing resembles a real open-air museum. On an area of ​​70 hectares we find wooden buildings from previous eras. There are several buildings at guests’ disposal – an old forester’s lodge, a cottage by the woods, an old rectory, a manor house, a backwater and an apartment in a windmill. This apartment is located on the top floor of the mill and you can admire the mill wheel and the whole mechanism of the building. There is also a wooden church in the center, where conferences and workshops are held. In addition, an orangery and a restaurant are available to guests, where you can try local delicacies such as kartacze, cepelin.

Relaxation and contact with nature can also be provided by the nearby Podlasie Bug Gorge Landscape Park. The real attractions could also be horseback riding at a nearby stable, bike rides along local routes, canoe and boat trips on the Bug, or an open-air museum trail along the emblematic buildings of Podlasie villages.

A stay in this historic wooden building for two people costs about PLN 330 per person. So if you want to spend the long weekend of August here, you have to consider the cost of almost PLN 2,000. zlotys.

Weekend in Warmia and Masuria

You can also feel the really idyllic and rural atmosphere in our next offer. Less than 400 km northwest of the habitat of Podlasie you will find an agriturismo. Here the cost of the stay is lower than in the previous proposal. Renting a room for 2 people during the long weekend of August costs less than PLN 700.

The entire facility consists of 2 houses, a barn and a stable. Rooms can be booked in the arcade house, Marian’s house and in the barn. In addition, there is also a reflection hut waiting for visitors, and you will also find a place for a campfire and barbecue. To completely unwind, enjoy sessions in the hotel’s sauna or indulge in Ayurvedic massages. Contact with nature is ensured by a nearby goat farm, canoe trips or the nearby forest and pond.

The house, as well as the entire resort, also has its own history. It once belonged to the Mennonites, ie a religious minority who, as the hosts recall, resembled Amish in its customs, clothing and philosophy of life.

Between the Masurian ponds

Also in Warmia and Masuria, but this time in Olecko, there is a facility that is picturesquely located between the Masurian ponds. Old Prussian buildings also contribute to the atmosphere and the guest rooms in the center are located in an old Arab horse stable.

Guests can spend their time catching fish from the nearby ponds. There are also special shelters right on their shores where you can enjoy the evening parties. Recreation is also provided by other nearby attractions, ranging from cycling around Masuria Garbate, paragliding and balloon flights, and finishing with kayaking on the Augustowskie Canal and Suwałki Rivers.

You have to pay PLN 750 for the possibility of idyllic rest in Warmia and Mazury. A night in a 2-person apartment costs PLN 250.

Drop everything and go to the Bieszczady Mountains

The list of idyllic proposals cannot be complete without proposals from the Bieszczady Mountains. In the middle of this wild mountain range, in a meadow in the Solinka valley, we find a facility where you can spend the night in a tent. The mysterious and inaccessible character of this place is due to the lack of internet and television, which is certainly conducive to relaxation and contact with nature.

At first glance, it may not be idyllic for guests here. There is no access to hot water in the facility. However, a cold shower in the evening can reward an undisturbed starry sky. As the owners say, the facility is often haunted by other guests – hares and foxes.

It is hard not to find idyllic recreational opportunities in this Bieszczady meadow. You can start the day with yoga or meditation in the morning dew. During the day, guests can explore the picturesque mountain pastures of the Bieszczady Mountains. On the other hand, the evening is a perfect opportunity to light a bonfire and observe a constellation by the fire.

The whole facility is very intimate. There are only 4 tents here, which can accommodate up to 10 people. Their prices depend on the type. Guests can choose from cozy and spacious tents. If you choose a spacious tent for 2 people, it will cost us PLN 320 per night. Therefore, for the whole long weekend of August, it is a surcharge of PLN 960.

Weekend at the mill

A very interesting offer can also be found in Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska. Surrounded by the limestone rocks of this region, there is a resort consisting of 2 wooden houses and a windmill. These buildings are built from real, wooden logs from the Bieszczady Mountains. The facility is located on a small hill, surrounded by flowery, multicolored meadows. A pine forest completes this idyllic landscape.

As you can read in the advertisement, visitors can enjoy idyllic leisure activities such as lazily sunbathing or barbecuing. Moreover, you can experience great sensory experiences here. Their main supplier is simply silence, which is only disturbed by the sound of trees, the buzzing of bees or the singing of birds. One of the most original residences here is the Windhuis, a residential windmill. There are two floors of this building available to guests staying in the windmill. On the ground floor you will find a living room with fireplace, a kitchen and a bathroom. On the first floor we have a bedroom and a terrace from which you can admire the Jurassic landscape.

The calm of August in this place is also an opportunity to participate in the trout festival. It is an event where trout dishes and local liqueurs are tasted. For lovers of idyllic activities, we can offer long walks, bike rides and horseback riding, offered by nearby stud farms. If we were interested in staying overnight in a windmill, we should be prepared for an expense of PLN 3,000. PLN for the whole idyllic weekend of August. The rent of this facility costs PLN 1,000. PLN per day. The mill can accommodate up to 5 people.

Oskar Sękowski, HRE Investments Analyst


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