Stop cafe. Take a break from your trip

During the holidays we do not always have the time and the possibility to prepare meals at home. We also travel more often. However, we don’t find places where dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients everywhere. The solution is to stop at the PKN ORLEN station and take advantage of the Stop Cafe offer. We find delicious dishes prepared with high-quality ingredients.

Stop Cafe – start with breakfast! We often travel very early, we don’t have time to prepare a decent meal, we just swallow something on the run. The solution is to stop at the PKN ORLEN station and take advantage of the Stop Cafe offer. Especially that every driver should take a break every 2-3 hours to stretch his bones and free himself from the necessary concentration while driving. Stop Cafe is also a godsend for busy city dwellers – you can eat a decent lunch here or buy a dish to warm up at home.

For breakfast, most of us usually want freshly prepared sandwiches. At Stop Cafe, fresh vegetables are used to make them. Vegetarians will also find many tasty types of sandwiches in the Stop Cafe offer. Tomatoes, arugula, onion, lettuce or cucumber – these are the ingredients needed for a tasty sandwich.

The Stop Cafe offer includes baguettes with egg and ham, schnitzel with chicken, or with egg and salmon, and particularly tasty sandwich varieties based on bread rolls made from grains and seeds, without the addition of flour and yeast. There are also popular kajzer cherry with ham and cheese. What is the secret of such a sandwich? First of all in delicious and popular ingredients: buttery kajzer, ham, gouda cheese, tomato slices and crispy lettuce.

Muffins are also an interesting breakfast option: with halloumi cheese or with chicken, and a variant with egg and bacon. At the Travelers Service Points (stations with restaurant offers) you can choose breakfast sets: fried eggs with frankfurters, scrambled eggs with bacon or tomatoes, grilled sausage with onion and breakfast sausages with tomatoes.

The range of snacks at Stop Cafe doesn’t stop at sandwiches. There are also chicken and vegetable wraps, chicken and jalapeño peppers, pork and beef meatballs, or a vegetarian falafel wrap. They are all filled with fresh and crunchy vegetables.

Chicken wrap is an excellent combination of ingredients: wheat tortilla, chicken tenderloin, shredded mozzarella, tomato, onion and a mix of vegetables. Everything is complemented by a unique honey-mustard sauce.

You can also opt for a salad with chicken, egg and a mix of lettuce, but also for a meatless salad with falafel.

All snacks can be eaten on site, but can also be supplemented with drinks such as freshly brewed coffee or squeezed apple juice. You can also take them with you on further journeys.

Those who are hungry can also eat burgers at Stop Cafe. CONKRET BURGER deserves the recommendation – the name says it’s something for people with a bigger appetite. In a crispy buttery bun we find a juicy back of beef, fried bacon, Gouda cheese and slices of pickled cucumber, tomato, mixed lettuce, onions and sauces: mayonnaise, ketchup.

At Stop Cafe there is also something for vegetarians or people who prefer meatless meals in the summer when it is hot. It is worth emphasizing that vegetarian burgers are equally delicious. Vegetarian versions are gaining more and more fans, including among Stop Cafe customers, who don’t give up meat every day. They are attracted by their interesting taste and rich composition of ingredients. A vegetarian burger differs from a meat burger mainly in the main ingredient, which is a meatless substitute for schnitzels. At Stop Cafe you will find Halloumi Burger – with a delicious burger of cheese, barley and beetroot, which enchants with its salty-sweet taste and color, Kaszo Burger, which gets its original flavor through a cutlet of barley and pepper.

Pizza lovers will also get their money’s worth at Stop Cafe. There are three variants of the pizza, which is handmade by the Polish producer. Pizza Pepperoni – for lovers of Italian flavors – is a crispy dough filled to the brim with delicious pepperoni. Lovers of simplicity will love the Four Cheeses pizza, while Capriciosa is something for lovers of additives: the classic combination of ham and mushrooms.

If you’re going on a tour, it’s worth planning a place for a stop and a meal. When we arrive at PKN ORLEN stations, we can be sure that we will not leave Stop Cafe hungry. Convenience and safety while traveling – that’s Stop Cafe!

Stop Cafe can be found quickly and easily via the website and social media: Facebook and Instagram, by entering the name @ORLENstopcafe.

On the website you can find Stop Cafe locations and check product availability. In addition, contests are organized on social media in which you can win interesting prizes. Stop Cafe – we invite you to have fun and success!

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