Mońki. Drastic increase in heating. The chairman of the housing cooperative calls for subsidies for the residents of blocks

Residents of the city of Mońki (Podlasie) after the price increase for heating can pay up to two thousand zloty in rent, previously it was several hundred, up to 800 zloty. – Nobody can afford it. What should people do? – asks one of the residents in an interview with a TVN24 reporter. – Poverty awaits us – the tenants are afraid. The chairman of the housing cooperative urges them to request subsidies from the government, such as those for residents of single-family homes.

Mońki, a town in Podlasie, 10,000 inhabitants. The director of the local Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Zdzisław Dąbrowski informs about the increase in fuel price. Last year they paid about 1.5 million PLN for fine coal. This year – about 12 million. Current stocks will only last until October. They are counting on government help, they are considering taking out a loan.

For the residents of apartment buildings, this means one thing: rents are going up. Maybe 400 percent. They are outraged and scared.

Rent increases in MońkiTVN24

In the best case, the rent can rise to PLN 1,000

TVN24 reporter Marta Ambramczyk-Dzikiewicz visited one of the residential areas in Moniec. There are 1,529 apartments here, which are mainly occupied by pensioners. They state that their monthly income is about PLN 1,500. Up to two thousand.

Now they pay the housing cooperative from PLN 300 to PLN 800 per month, including PLN 100 to PLN 240 for central heating, depending on the size of the property.

If the worst-case scenario comes true, they will have to spend up to two thousand zlotys in rent in the fall and winter. It is being discussed that the increase should not be so drastic. The heating plant in Monetsk is negotiating the tariff with the Energy Regulatory Office and should know and finally announce it in October. But at best, it will still be a lot – 260 percent. The rent will then reach 1000 zloty.

Rent increases in MońkiTVN24

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“Poverty awaits us, the nation takes to the streets”

– Nobody can afford it. What should people do? What to give up? From life, from food, from medicine? Because not everyone earns well. If someone has 1,200-1,300 PLN, he cannot – says Jadwiga, who now pays the rent of 480 PLN, in an interview with the reporter. – I’m a. If there are two people somewhere, they have two pensions. If there’s one, it’s hard — adds the resident.

– Poor one is waiting for us. the two of us [z żoną – red.] at retirement we have 2,000 PLN each. I spend over PLN 500 a month on medicine because I have had a stroke, have leg surgery, blood pressure, diabetes, my wife spends a lot on medicine. And if we are threatened that there will be 300 or 600 zloty more per month, where to get the money from, how will it survive? – asks Mr. Józef.

Mr Józef and his wife from Moniek are afraid of poverty after the rent increase TVN24

– When the raise comes, we’ll be buzzing. Most likely, the nation will take to the streets – predicts Mr. Józef, who was the first resident of his block and planted trees on the estate. – We have worked for so many years, we were deducted for everything, we were satisfied, it was quiet, and now such increases … I think there is no country in any country where a man has nothing to rely on life – he adds

“How do we differ from the inhabitants of houses”

– Room for us, the residents – says Roman Klepadło, the chairman of the housing cooperative in Mońki, about the new rents. – We do not agree and I will do my best to prevent it from entering – he assures.

Rent increases in MońkiTVN24

Previously, the cooperative insulated the blocks and modernized the thermal installation. Now the president has petitioned the government to stop the increases. He hung it in the stairwells, collects signatures from residents, urges other cooperatives to do the same. – There is power in the pile, if we are in harmony, they will listen to our voices – he argues.

Klepadło refers to the promised 3,000-year subsidy for heating, which, however, will not apply to the residents of the blocks. As he assures, he talks about it with politicians at every opportunity.

– If residents who own their own house receive three thousand zlotys, regardless of whether the house is 30 meters or 300 meters (…), how do we, the residents of the cooperative, differ from these residents? Probably just that we do not have chimneys in every apartment and these chimneys do not smoke and do not pollute the environment – says Klepadło.

Main photo source: TVN24

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