Masvoboda – VW Grand California music and travel project

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The VW Grand California ambassador is Atanas Valkow – composer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He seeks inspiration among the sounds of multiculturalism, which is reflected in MASVOBODA – a unique artistic project carried out on a journey through the Balkans.

Atanas Valkov is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He was born in Bulgaria and grew up in Lublin, where he started his musical education. He started playing the piano at the age of four. As he himself says, music is the most important part of his life, it gives him a sense of freedom and fulfills all his desires. Atanas is inspired by multiculturalism. In his works he often combines the classics of the piano with ethno-sounds, jazz and electronics.

He is best known as the creator of music for series (“Belfer”, “Bodo”) and movies (“Knife in the car”, “7 things you don’t know about guys”). He collaborated with Andrzej Wajda, Tomasz Bagiński and Jan P. Matuszyński. He is co-author and co-producer (along with Kayah) of the album Transoriental Orchestra. Valkov also won the 7th edition of the Berlinale and won the prize for the best Polish soundtrack for the music of the TV series “Król” at the Film Music Festival in 2021.

Conducted by Atanas Valkov, the Masvoboda project is a musical and travel expression of inspiration from Slavic and Balkan folk culture, with a bold use of contemporary composition and production techniques. – I am responsible for it together with my wife Jagoda – emphasizes the composer. Jagoda Valkov is a multimedia artist who is professionally involved in scenography, photography and film. She is the author of photo exhibitions at the Center of Contemporary Art in Kiev, the MO Gallery in Lviv and an exhibition organized as part of the Mythogenesis festival in Niemirów, Ukraine. Valkov designed and co-created the social project “Piazza – Unselfish urban space II” and “The Art of Dialogue” – a project conducted by the Beauty Ladies Foundation as part of the City of Culture 2019 program. She is also a laureate of the international photo contest Showoff 2021, Krakow Photo Week 2021. She is involved in coordinating major artistic and exhibition events in Poland. She is also the initiator and organizer of the Wzory Design Fair and the co-organizer of the Kręgi Festival for women. He runs the studio Wzory Studio and – together with Maria Lubicz-Łapińska – the fashion company Bamayo.

To carry out the project, Masvoboda, Jagoda and Atanas traveled through the Balkans, accompanied by two Volkswagen Grand California. Such a travel model – if lovers of spending time in the bosom of nature – often decide in their private lives as well. – Campers give us freedom and the opportunity to follow music in the environment of nature, making the implementation of the project an even more extraordinary adventure – the composer is delighted. – During this trip we will visit, among other things, ethnic festivals in the mountains in Bulgaria or Burgas – my hometown. We will meet local musicians with whom we will collaborate. Then we will go towards Greece, to the Peloponnese, where in olive groves, in the cradle of civilization, we will play about sunrise and sunset – Get on.

On board the VW Grand California, the composer and his collaborators can not only spend the night and spend their free time. The available space in cars made it possible to create a mobile recording and video clip editing studio, the facility of which Franciszek Lubicz-Łapiński of the 16/9 film studio will use. As a result, the recordings made during the expedition – both audio in 96 kHz format and immersive 360 ​​​​Reality Audio as well as visual in Full HR and VR360 – will be assembled on site.

(Photo: Press materials)

What can you expect from the artists’ project? – Masvoboda will combine classical, ethnic and electronic instruments with white polyphonic vocals. The album should be a combination of tradition and modernity. Music videos and short documentary forms will emphasize the archaic roots of the places where songs and melodies are created. Contemporary arrangements, inspired by authentic Slavic and Balkan folk melodies and their interpretations, will be like a bridge between East and West, day and night, death and birth – says Valkov.

The journey itself will in turn be an endless source of inspiration for Atanas. Usually it gets them from nature. He lives in the woods, so he literally uses it every day. Encounters with nature open his mind and create space for new ideas. Travel also provides creative incentives for the artist. – Meetings with musicians from different countries, discovering new instruments, folk music, different sounds of nature and smells – in all this I find inspiration to create new compositions – concludes Atanas Valkov.

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