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The Polish branch of the Pontifical Association Aid to the Church in Need plans to build four more houses of hope for children and young people from Bidibidi in Uganda. The first place, opened in June this year, will receive laptops and smartphones that will help the youngest learn. The equipment was provided by Igor Łukasik of IŁ Capital.

Every day there are about 300,000 in the Bidibidi camp. people, of which more than 2/3 are children and adolescents. Father Andrzej Dzida accompanies people in need. First, he was with them when they made the dramatic escape choices from South Sudan. He is now in Uganda, which has become a refuge for refugees. The missionary, supported locally by the Divine Word Missionaries and nuns, explains that the people of Bidibidi appreciate any help. – They just have to be with them. They are happy because they have not been abandoned. We arrive at the camp every other day, and sometimes every day during the summer holidays – underlined.

The conditions prevailing in the camp a few years ago did not give the refugees much hope. – We saw pregnant women lying on mattresses without a sheet at 40 degrees – notes Fr. Prof. Waldemar Cisło, director of the Polish branch of the PKWP, which has been supporting the needy from Bidibidi for a long time.

On site, among others. to build air-conditioned operating theatres. The needs are still enormous. – The family in the camp will be given 70 square meters. It has to fit there, even though one family can have sixteen children – emphasizes Fr. Paweł Antosiak, who has been in Africa for the past few weeks. He learned the stories of the inhabitants. One of them indicates that adults took care of the children of their deceased siblings. And so they had to take care of a large group of the youngest.

Children in Bidibidi have not only lost their parents to the war, but also because of the difficult situation in the camp. Their caretakers died of malaria. Deaths during childbirth were also frequent. The youngest who go to school study daily in classes with a maximum of 300 students. There is also a group of children without even such a possibility. Father Andrzej Dzida noticed this problem and took the initiative to build a house of hope in the refugee camp. The idea was supported by the Pontifical Association Aid to the Church in Need.

– This house of hope gives the children nowhere to go. They can get food, spend time there, learn something, do their homework – fr. Paweł Antosiak. Missionaries from Uganda worked together with the recruits from Slovakia. It is to provide the opportunity to feed the youngest refugees in a built house of hope. Current food rations are inadequate and – as previously alarmed by the Pontifical Association of Aid to the Church in Need – the war in Ukraine is making it increasingly difficult to obtain food.

However, the main purpose of the education center is science. The youngest are catching up because they are prevented after school by a leaking roof in the hut or the sun, which becomes unbearable in the dry season. – Children are the future. If raised and educated properly, they will be leaders in South Sudan, where we believe they will return – says Father Andrzej Dzida.

Helping Aid to the Church in Need consistently publicizes Africa’s plight. fr. Prof. Waldemar Cisło recalls the images that have fallen into his memory from the time when Sudan was divided into two countries. – I did not understand why these children have such sad eyes. I heard the story of a girl who became a mother to her siblings. Others prostituted themselves per kilo of flour to keep their loved ones alive – pointed to the director of the Polish branch of PKWP.

In the face of this drama, other people do not want to remain indifferent. One of them is Igor Łukasik of IŁ Capital. The entrepreneur decided to finance computer equipment for children from Bidibidi. It will go to the built house of hope. – There is some internet, but there is not even anything to turn it on. Hence the idea of ​​handing in a dozen laptops, a few dozen phones. If we can help next time, we will – say. He also encourages others to support young refugees from Africa.

– We want these children to get back something that many of them have lost, and so we hope – explains Fr. Paweł Antosiak. He lists that we often refer to them as “refugees”, “orphans”, and these are simply “children”, and people with big dreams.

Funds to support the needy can be transferred to account: 87 1020 1068 0000 1402 0096 8990 with the note: Bidibidi.

Source: PKWP Polska . Press Office

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