Healthy food from Polish forests. Housewives, the contest of the State Forests is addressed to you

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Date of publication 02/05/2022.

The best products are the ones nature gives us

The forest is a natural and invaluable food source. Both those of vegetable origin – fruit or herbs, and animal – wild boars, deer and roe deer. It is food of the “bio” category, obtained without fertilization, plant protection products or artificial nutrition, in the highest welfare standard.

It turns out that a large part of society does not know the taste of many dishes made from products available in forests. It is secret knowledge to them. That is why the State Forests, with the participation of the Rural Housewives’ Clubs, intend to change this and promote food from the forests.

Rural Housewives’ Clubs that stand out in the competition for the most interesting proposals to promote healthy food from Polish forests can receive grants of up to PLN 5,000. zloty.

The application deadline is September 30, 2022. Participation is free.

The organizer plans to collect and publish recipes in the form of a publication titled “Dzika Kuchnia. Good from the forest” – the best regional homemade recipes with forest products. Among other things, there will be a unique cookbook with local recipes from rural housewives in the form of a free PDF file, which can be downloaded from the website of the Staatsbossen.

The competition promotes creativity, healthy eating and combining tradition with modernity

The commercialized world needs actions that show what the essence and distinguishing feature of each country is, namely the protection of tradition. Competitions of the “Nature from the kitchen” type make it possible to promote the strengths of Poland, which undoubtedly forests and the wealth it offers. This idea is also close to the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

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That is why the Staatsbosbeheer combines tradition with modernity, ie the promotion of forests, a healthy lifestyle and natural forest products.o – emphasizes the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Edward Siarka.

Women of Rural Housewives’ Clubs are leaders in their local communities. Dynamic and searching, they change the image of the contemporary village. I believe that thanks to their support we can spread knowledge about forest cuisine and at the same time about the nature of forests and sustainable forest management. – explains Józef Kubica, acting general director of the State Forests. – The competition rewards creative ideas to reach the widest possible group of Poles with the promotion of healthy forest food.

No one knows better how to prepare traditional dishes from natural products than local housewives

There are several thousand rural housewives’ clubs in Poland, and yet each region has different customs and traditions. Forest products also vary depending on the region of Poland, which is why the State Forest Competition is a unique opportunity to learn about Polish culinary culture and real local Polish flavors. Additional funds, in turn, will give us the opportunity to act on a larger scale and encourage young people to maintain local traditions, as this is the most important thing in our work – notes Marzena Rzeczkowska of the Association of Rural Housewives in Winnica.

What to do to participate in the competition?

To enter the competition ideas for actions to promote forests and food from forests should be presentedso it could be for example:

  • organization of a stand that popularizes undergrowth products,
  • giving culinary workshops,
  • holding a culinary competition for the best dish with forest products,
  • lessons for children (e.g. lessons on the health-promoting values ​​of forest foods).

Entry forms and more information about the competition are available on the organizer’s website:

Composition Natalia Marciniak-Musia

Photo Matt. promotional organizer

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