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It’s officially August and that means we’re in for a beautiful, grown-up summer. However, don’t let the end of your holiday mourn prematurely, because there is still a month of sunny, warm days ahead of us. Use them as best you can and don’t forget about proper care and SPF filters. August’s cosmetic premieres will help you get through these heat waves unscathed and keep you looking and feeling beautiful in all conditions. There are products that keep the skin hydrated, even in the driest climate, and products that conjure up a fantastic, festive and long-lasting make-up. Below are the 6 best beauty news to try in August.


  1. BB Cream SPF 30, Isa Dora

  2. Powder kiss Velver Blur, MAC

  3. Moisturizing and soothing face mask for the night, Pure Heals

  4. Zero% Family, Sanex body lotion

  5. Hydro Boost, Neutrogena body lotion

  6. Micellar Water with Vitamin Cg, Garnier

The new BB cream from ISA Dora is a godsend for dry and sensitive skin. Thanks to the arginine present, it perfectly moisturizes and soothes irritations, while thanks to the larch tree extract, it has anti-aging properties. Artificial has a light texture and provides soft, natural coverage. It adapts easily to the skin tone, does not create a mask effect and lasts for several hours. You can choose from 6 shades – warm, cool and neutral, so you will definitely pick your favorite. The cream has an SPF30 filter.

Cosmetic News August 2022: BB Cream SPF 30 Isa Dora
photo BB Cream SPF 30, Isa Dora, price: approx. PLN 120 / press material

Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim Stick with an innovative formula provides a smooth and even finish thanks to the innovative formula. Colour does not stain, do not settle on the lines of the mouth and is incredibly durable. You always want to have it at hand. You can choose from 12 shades.

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Cosmetic News August 2022: Powder Kiss Velver Blur MAC lipstick
photo: Powder Kiss Velver Blur lipstick, MAC, price: PLN 140 / press material

An overnight mask is the best you can give your skin – it cares for and maintains its health while you sleep. In this category, the novelty of the Pure Heals brand deserves attention. Light gel sealed in a lime jar contains Centella asiatica extract (and Centella leaf particles), which soothes irritations, regenerates and has anti-wrinkle properties. In the morning you wake up with smooth and radiant skin. It absorbs quickly and the herbal scent is wonderfully relaxing.

Cosmetic news August 2022: Pure Heals moisturizing and soothing night mask
for. Moisturizing and soothing face mask for the night, Pure Heals, price: PLN 119.99 / pressing material

Free from sulfates, soap and dyes and fabrics with fragrance allergens, Sanex Zero% Family body wash refreshes and moisturizes perfectly. It will meet the needs of even the most demanding skin. Perfect for daily care, not just in summer. An extra plus? The whole family can use it.

Cosmetic News August 2022: Zero Family SANEX Body Lotionphoto ZERO% Family SANEX body lotion, price: approx. PLN 20 / press material

Hydro Boost body lotion is like drinking a glass of water after a hard day – it quenches thirst, refreshes and hydrates. It’s all your dry skin needs. Rich in hyaluronic acid, natural trehalose and vitamin E. provides long-lasting hydration and strengthens the protective barrier.

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Cosmetic News August 2022: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Body Lotion
photo Hydro Boost, Neutrogena body lotion, price: approx. PLN 35 / press material

New micellar water from the brand Garnier quickly and quickly enriched with vitamin Cg thoroughly removes make-up and cleanses the skin without drying it out. The big advantage is the availability and the wallet-friendly price.

Cosmetic news August 2022: micellar water with vitamin Cg Garnierphoto: Micellar liquid enriched with vitamin Cg, Garnier, price: approx. PLN 25 / pressing material

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