Warsaw Perun awaits revitalization. Soho Factory authors are responsible for Perun .’s new project

Author: WWAA
This is what Perun in Warsaw should look like after the revitalization of Grochowska Street

The new concept for the development of the area of ​​the historic Perun factory in Grochowska in Warsaw was prepared by the WWAA studio. The previous project, by a different authorship, met with scathing criticism from residents and activists. The new project has already been discussed with residents and meetings are planned again in August and September. The investment is being built as a lex developer.

Historic Warsaw Perun

The single-storey brick buildings on Grochowska 301/305 Street in Warsaw’s Praga district are an example of historic post-industrial architecture from the early 20th century.

From 1913, a factory for the production of welding equipment was active here, namely the Perun Towarzystwo Akcyjne Fabryki Tlenu i Aparatów company. It produced rotating welding machines, fittings for the use of technical gases and even 700 tons of welded structures for construction. The whole area then had a typical industrial character.

Along Grochowska St. The chocolate factory of E. Wedel, the non-existent state telephone and telegraphic factory, the tannery of the brothers Lejzerowicz and Polish optical factories. Their functional shapes were a reference point for the authors of the project. The Perun plant in Grochowska ceased operation at the beginning of the 21st century, and the Perun company continues to operate today.

What is designed on Perun Factory premises

The current investor, the company Grochowska 301/305 sp.Z oo sp.k., plans to create a multifunctional facility in this area, which will include, in addition to apartments, catering, service and commercial spaces.

The red brick factory halls are nowadays barely visible from Grochowska Street. When the project is executed, it changes. From the Grochowska side, in the western part of the building, the architects of the WWAA studio designed huge gateways to the complex – 15 meters wide and up to 3 storeys high, which at the same time allow the view of the factory halls and the 7 floors of the entire complex. Their height is more than 18 m in the project.

Thanks to the sliding back of this part of the facade of ul. Grochowska would create an entrance plaza in front of the building. In turn, the eastern part of the complex will be built on the facade of ul. Grochowska, as high as the adjacent four-storey tenement. From the south, the new complex meets the very intimate Stanisława Augusta Street, whose current buildings do not exceed 3 floors. The 7 floors planned here will radically change the current character of the site.

Perun factory
Author: WWAA
Fabryka Perun – a withdrawn corner with a square of Grochowska Street

Revitalization of the historic halls of Warsaw Perun

As for the rooms under the protection of the curator, with an area of ​​​​1.2 thousand square meters. kw2), they would be revived with the preservation and display of historical elements such as weighbridges, overhead cranes or a surface of hexagonal concrete slabs, i.e. tlinka, named after the inventor Władysław Tryliński.

The project also includes the development of greenery and the aim of the designers is to create a visual axis that will connect Grochowska Street with Błonie Elekcyjne, a green recreation area where the free elections of Polish kings used to take place. The area adjacent to the historic halls, including the passage and the second square in the center of the complex, would be an open and public area, intended to integrate residents, similar to, as investors suggest, Prague’s backyard.

Conflict over Perun .’s first development project

The WWAA project is the second approach to the development of post-industrial areas at 301 Grochowska Street. The previous project, by Latergrupa Architekci, was criticized by residents and city activists (Miasto jest Nasz, Wiatrak Association, district council).

In June 2020, the association Miasto wrote to jest Nasz that the investment was “grossly contrary to the applicable local plan”, “assumes an almost twofold increase in the intensity of the development, exceeding the height limits and changing the function “.

The zoning plan dates from 1999 and only introduces service functions in this area, excluding the location of independent residential functions. According to investors, the implementation under the Special Lex Developer Act will allow for better alignment of functions and adaptation to the contemporary needs of residents.

In 2020, it was claimed that the new, massive 7-storey development would overwhelm the historic halls with its size. The number of floors in the new project has not changed. However, the buildings were broken down into smaller structures and partially withdrawn from the street facade. The advantage of the new version is also the generally accessible squares and a better representation of the historical fabric.

Perun Factory investor consultation with residents

This time, probably to avoid strong controversy, the investor has scheduled meetings with residents and people interested in the project. The first took place on July 28. As the representatives of the Wiatrak Association report on Twitter: “A very good meeting between the investor and the residents. Many specific wishes of residents. Lots of investor information.”

The next meetings are scheduled for August and September.

About the investment in Perun

The investor of the complex in Fabryka Perun is Grochowska 301/305 sp.Z oo sp.k. ie the creator of another well-known Prague realization – Soho Factory.

According to the investor, the project includes the construction of 268 apartments with a total area of ​​14,500 m2. The other functions (services, gastronomy, commerce), designed on the ground floor of the buildings, will be 1,300 m . fogging2.

The new design for the development of post-industrial areas was prepared by architects from the WWAA studio in Warsaw, the same who are behind the revitalization of Soho Factory.

Perun factory
Author: WWAA
Fabryka Perun – view from Stanisław Augusta Street

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