Underground center. Project of the Youth Center

International competition from students Youth center inspired by nature per project Youth Center organized in Canada by the magazine Bow Ace in abundance present successes of Polish teams. Daria Wróbel and Mateusz Zwierzchowski from the Technical University of Pozna proposed a round building hidden in the area and won fourth prize!

The competition challenge was to design a building for young people aged 14 to 19. The object had to be inspired by natureand the participants had to apply natural materials, green living walls and roofs and shapes with organic shapes. An important element was to propose a program for young people that promotes development, cooperation, learning, play and sports.

Centrum Młodzieży took fourth prize in the Arc Ace competition

© Daria Wróbel, Mateusz Zwierzchowski

Polish students appreciated!

The jury awarded five main prizes from the submitted projects. The third and fourth prize went to students from Poland. Treehouse design Maria Faliszewska from the Silesian University of Technology third prizeand the project Underground Center authorship Daria Wróbel and Mateusz Zwierzchowski Of University of Technology He received Poznańska fourth prize!

According to the assumptions of the competition, the project is combines architecture and natureto create a multifunctional building hidden in the ground. Within the complex we have planned spaces for recreation, physical activity and artistic activities. Designed by us Cafeand courtyard these are spaces that are completely conducive to the integration of both young people and children who gather there, say the winners of the competition.

The cafe is right next to the entrance

the cafe is right next to the entrance?

© Daria Wróbel, Mateusz Zwierzchowski

Underground Center

After entering the Youth Center, the hall opens to a large glazing that reveals the courtyard. To the right there are lifts and a cloakroom. In the opposite corner there is Cafe with direct access to the entrance area, next to which the authors have provided a place for tables where you can drink coffee or eat an ice cream in the middle of nature. The first floor also contains space Read Room so you can spend your free time reading or studying after school. There are two more rooms computer rooms fulfilling the function of free laboratories, both for lessons with the teacher in the context of, for example, science clubs and additional lessons, as well as spaces to spend individual time.

Project of the Youth Center in Canada, ground floor plan

the center is built around a courtyard

© Daria Wróbel, Mateusz Zwierzchowski

green roof to relax

The glass part of the hallway was made by the young architects circle plan, illuminating the interior with daylight. From the entrance, the authors proposed a more representative staircase that leads directly to the lower floor of the building. The whole facility was covered green roof, making the shape unobtrusive and leaving the surrounding nature almost intact. An external staircase, directly at the entrance of the building, leads to part of the roof and the opening that marks the courtyard is separated glass railing.

Large glazing illuminates the interior

large glazing illuminates the interior

© Daria Wróbel, Mateusz Zwierzchowski

plays with light

An additional form of lighting is: fireflies both placed on the roof of the building in the form glass tubesas well as the round glass openings in the entrance area.

We can only record the facade of the building front viewwhich was made of wooden facade panels. The vertical divisions of the windows are emphasized with slats that allow to emphasize the lines and create an interesting effect enhanced by chiaroscuro – the authors explain.

The use of such a large amount of glazing illuminates the interior well, and also connects the internal and external parts, making zone interpenetration.

The courtyard of the Youth Center

the courtyard is conducive to integration

© Daria Wróbel, Mateusz Zwierzchowski

space for recreational and creative work

Level 1 it’s big, open recreation room, allowing complete freedom of arrangement. Here is a play area where you can place a ping pong table, billiards or seats, creating a space for integration. It is an extension of this zone courtyard, which seamlessly connects the inside with the outside. They are also on this level rooms for creative work – art and music, as well as two spaces for physical activities and a space for group work.

Light plays in the interior

the use of natural materials and neutral colors enhances the feeling of peace and relaxation

© Daria Wróbel, Mateusz Zwierzchowski

The whole project was made with maximum transparencypreserving the existing environment in such a way that the form does not disturb the existing environment. During the design process, we paid attention to the Youth Center fused with the environmentwhile maintaining functionality and aesthetics. Application natural materials and neutral colors allowed to maintain harmony, and the interior and exterior, combined with the surrounding greenery, convey a sense of peace and tranquility – the authors conclude.

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