The most important cities of Italy – a trip for PLN 1524

It can be said to be an Italian classic – from Venice, via Rome, Monte Cassino, Naples, Capri, Pompeii, Florence to Pisa. Everything you need to see in Italy, you must have seen in one trip, which is fabulously cheap.

There is probably no one in the world who wouldn’t fall in love with Italy at first sight – a unique atmosphere, sun that warms up like nowhere else, unmistakable flavors, extremely friendly locals and views you’ll dream of at night. After the pandemic closure, such an expedition will be useful to all of us, and by the way – will not lead to bankruptcy

Italian classic – 10-day tour through Italy

We have a trip for you, for which you pay exactly PLN 1524, and for one visit you will see the most classic Italy with Rome in the foreground and fall in love with the Italian dolce vita.

Day 1

Our journey starts in Warsaw, from where we head to sunny Italy via the Czech Republic and Austria. After having covered 950 kilometers of beautiful views.

Day 2 – Venice

There is no other city in the world as special as Venice

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This day is under the coat of arms of Venice. From the Punta Sabbioni or Tronchetto car park, change to the tourist boat and go to St. Mark’s Square. We will have time for an unforgettable walk through the San Marco district, which brings together the main monuments of the city: St. Mark, the Doge’s Palace and the Clock Tower – the tallest building in the city. We end the tour at the famous Rialto Bridge, where our free time begins. In the afternoon, a must see in Venice awaits us – a gondola cruise on the Venetian canals. After such a wonderful day we go to the hotel near Venice.

Day 3 – Pisa

From the unique Venice we take the direction to Pisa – a charming city that flourished in the Middle Ages, especially famous for the Leaning Tower. The program includes a visit to: Campo dei Miracoli (or Fields of Miracles) with a cathedral with a beautiful multi-level facade, a circular baptistery and the famous Leaning Tower, ie the former belfry of the cathedral, built almost 200 years. We can also organize a local trip to Lucca or Padua for an additional fee or free time. On this day we sleep in a hotel near Montecatini Terme.

Day 4 – Florence

Florence - a must-see classic city of Italy

Florence – a must-see classic city of Italy

Photo: Larisa Shpineva / Getty Images

Time for Floris! We will see the Church of St. Cross with tombstones of famous Florentines, the Town Hall Square, the picturesque Goldsmith’s Bridge, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore covered with a beautiful dome designed by Brunelleschi and the oldest building in the city, the Baptistery, where the famous Gates of Paradise. We will also have free time in one of the most famous classical cities of Italy, after which we will spend the night near Rome.

Day 5 – Vatican

View of the Vatican

View of the Vatican

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We start our Roman adventure with a visit to the Vatican, in particular – the legendary Vatican Museums (one of the largest art collections in the world with exhibitions ranging from antiquity to the twentieth century) and the Sistine Chapel with famous frescoes by Michelangelo. Then a visit to the Basilica of St. Peter, where we especially recommend Michelangelo’s Pieta, a beautiful canopy made by Bernini, a statue of St. Peter, as well as a visit to the tomb of St. John Paul II. At the end of the day we offer an Italian evening in the stylish restaurant for a fee.

Day 6 – Rome

The Famous Roman Di Trevi Fountain, Photo: Salvatore Micillo / Getty Images

The Famous Roman Di Trevi Fountain, Photo: Salvatore Micillo / Getty Images

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On this day we invite you for a unique walking tour of Rome. We will visit the Baroque part: Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna with the Barcaccia fountain in the shape of a boat, the Spanish Steps with a waterfall of balustrades and balconies and the famous Trevi Fountain. Later in the day we will see ancient monuments – we will follow in the footsteps of the ancient Romans through the Pantheon, the Capitoline Hill, the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and end the walk at the Arch of Constantine. The eternal city will definitely make you want to come back here more than once.

Day 7

Naples - the capital of southern Italy

Naples – the capital of southern Italy

Photo: Rudy Balasko / Getty Images

It’s time for the most Italian of all cities – Naples. In Naples, the capital of southern Italy, we will take a walk through the city, where we will see Municipio square with the Palazzo Reale and Castel Nuovo. Next on the agenda is Pompeii – an ancient city buried in ash during the massive eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. This day we sleep in a hotel near Naples.

Day 8

Capri, one of the most beautiful Italian islands

Capri, one of the most beautiful Italian islands

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We start the day with a real Italian breakfast and a ferry crossing to the picturesque island of Capri. The program includes a cruise along the coast of the island, a train ride to the center of about 400 m above sea level, as well as a walk to the flowered gardens of Augustus, from where we can admire the beautiful panorama, the famous Faraglioni (rocks rising from the sea come) and the Arch of Love – Arco del Amore. In the afternoon you will drive to the surroundings of Rome, check-in at the hotel and overnight. When we come back, we recommend an optional trip to Monte Cassino (for a fee) – the site of the famous battle of the Polish II Corps with Germany. You can visit the cemetery of Polish soldiers, the grave of General Anders and the Benedictine abbey.

Day 9

After an early breakfast we left for Assisi – the city of St. Francis. We will visit St. Francis: the lower church with the tomb of saints and the upper church with beautiful frescoes by Giotto. Then a short walk through the charming medieval streets of the city awaits us. Unfortunately, on this day our Italian adventure ends and we begin our return to Poland.

Day 10

On the last day, we end our journey back to Poland for good with luggage full of Italian souvenirs and unforgettable memories.

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