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SANOK / PODKARPACIE. Next year an official, chimney sweep or environmental inspector can knock on our door and check the condition of the property in terms of thermal modernization and used heat sources. The aim is to gain knowledge about how much fuel we use annually, but also to find out how thick the walls and roofs are in the building in which we live.

The announcement of a general thermal energy audit of buildings is a continuation of activities related to the registration of emissivity and heat sources. Let us remind you that until June 30 this year. building owners or managers had to submit a statement to the Central Emission Register for Buildings – CEEB and thereby provide the system with information about heat sources and fuel combustion sources in residential and non-residential buildings. We wrote about it here: Report the heat source! We suggest how to do it.

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21 July this year Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda and Dorota CabańskaThe Superintendent of Construction Supervision presented CEEB Leader figurines to municipalities who were the first to collect a full set of statements on heat sources and fuel combustion.

Minister Buda then announced the next steps and goals. One of these is a new functionality within the ZONE system, of which CEEB is part.

As part of the next phase of CEEB, we aim to conduct a thermal energy audit of buildings, which would provide a real picture of their current condition and allow an efficient definition of renovation and thermal modernization needs. – Minister Waldemar Buda.

Inventories are expected to start in the first quarter of 2023.

photo: Headquarters of Construction Supervision

Which officials will check at home?

The task of the officials will be to assess the technical condition of the building. Therefore, the audit will cover, among other things:

  • The thickness of the walls and roof;
  • Type of insulation (declaration submitted to CEEB);
  • Annual fuel consumption.

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The data collected in this way is intended to help local government authorities, which will be given an important tool to, among other things, facilitate the replacement of old heating boilers (“so-called” so-called “so-called” so-called “so-called” so-called “so-called “so-called “boilers”) .

The data obtained will be used to prepare reports on the implementation of air defense programs and other tasks arising from local anti-smog resolutions, planning air quality improvement policies and spending in this area. Citizens, on the other hand, will have access to information on all programs for financing furnace replacement and thermo-modernisation, which will contribute to the improvement of their living conditions, comfort and quality of life. – we read in the announcement of the General Bureau of Construction Supervision.

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The inventory carried out would also help property owners to handle administrative matters faster and easier. This applies, for example, to ordering a chimney sweep online.

The e-service will thus contribute to improving the technical condition of buildings in terms of safety – citizens can order a chimney inspection online. In addition, a unified inspection report will be available, with standardized data – it will increase the security of using the property and ensure regular inspections – supplies GUNB.

It will also be possible to generate and download a simplified energy audit document, which is necessary when submitting applications, for example for the co-financing of the thermal modernization of the installation.

The so-called reporting function will be available in the ZONE system. “Smoke”. Responsible services will therefore be able to respond more quickly.

The ZONE system will also collect data to help officials address the problem of energy poverty more effectively. In the planned financial module, they have access to comprehensive data on the financial support provided in the form of grants or grants – we read in the official information from the Central Bureau of Construction Supervision.

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