Phenomenal dresses from Polish brands in which you want to celebrate halfway through your holiday. These models will not go out of style for years

Light, feminine, original, timeless and also made in Poland. You’ll love the dresses from the list below, whether you’re looking to spend your halfway vacation in the corporate hallways, in your home office, or on the beach. Word.

Are there any fans of casual kimonos? We especially love them for their multi-functionality. They can make a jacket, a beach cape, a tunic on jeans or a dress. The flowery design of the You Store brand in addition, we are convinced of the composition: 95% viscose and 5% elastane with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100® certificate.

Aphrodite Mini is reminiscent of a hot summer spent in the shade of palm trees on the Cote d’Azur or exotic resorts in Morocco. And no wonder. Finally no one knows better than the Undress Code brand when it comes to designing a wardrobe that looks like a vacation. We missed the contrasting colors and the unusual, ultra-feminine cut.

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Painted violets bloom on Evie, and that alone is so cute that we could actually stop after the first sentence. However, for the sake of formalities, we will add that Mid-holiday is also worth celebrating for its timeless cut, the most fashionable mini length this season and full transparency of the brand it comes from. Elements – you’re doing it right!

In the Marceline model, the rear is the most spectacular. It was designed to be tied only by thin spaghetti strands, exposing the entire back from neck to loin. Also noteworthy is a parachute cut down from a large amount of material in immortal black and captivating features in the style of the costumes of the characters of “Bridgertons”. Marceline is a summer proposition of the brand wearing chiara.

When we first saw her online, we felt like we were lost somewhere between the tabs of the Rouje online store. Don’t get us wrong The dress from the Reserved offer, covered with a small patchwork, cannot be called a copy of the designs of the French influencer Jeanne Damas. Rather, it is a collection of individual details (including a charming print, sensual cut and specific colours), which together form the quintessence of a girly chic Parisien. The model in question can now be hunted for more than half the price.

The day of sending out the newsletter entitled “SALE” is a real celebration for the community of The Odder Side brand lovers. We understand it very well as we are virtually queuing for our dream shirts, bodysuits, skirts and most importantly dresses. This time we threw in the ROCA model. Guess what? We have never received so many full sets as when we first showed up outside the house.

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Inherite got loud thanks to Lara Gessler. Every time a star appears in public (or at least on his Instagram profile) styled in clothes with the label of this Polish brand, her social media is flooded with an avalanche of elated comments from the series “where are you talking?” from?” . Ruth dress in a super spectacular bubblegum shade with a crimson trim is our number one editorial.

Her designs contain the best known and most important style icons of the time. Magda Butrym fell in love with her fashion talent, including Hailey Bieber, Natalie Portman, Selena Gomez and half of the Kardashian-Jenner family. And this – take our word for it – is just the beginning of an impressive list of Polish female fans. Our favorite dresses from the new collection are the little black dress with a neckline that shows the shoulders. It’s as spectacular as the most famous Butrym bestsellers with 3D flowers carved into fabric, but more universal than this one. It works both on a grand gala and on the first date of one of the cafes in the city.

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