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Here is a selection of the news that will appear online on CANAL+ in August. See if something interests you.

“Everything We Didn’t Have Time To Say” – Series, Premiering August 13

Three days before the wedding, Julia Saurel (Alexandra Maria Lara) learns that her father Michel (Jean Reno) has passed away. To her surprise, however, he returns shortly afterwards as a life-size android who is a faithful copy of Michel. The robot contains all of his father’s memories, but the battery only lasts seven days and cannot be recharged. Father and daughter have only one week to find each other’s love, trust, forgiveness and reconciliation. Together they went on a journey through Europe. However, the father has an additional plan. He wants to help Julia find her lost love again. Lost forever, as the woman had previously imagined? Will this amazing encounter turn Julia’s tidy life upside down?

French courier from Liberty. Kansas Evening Sun “- movie, premiere on August 7”

The respected editor of the popular American-French magazine “Kurier French” dies, and the editors gather to write the obituary. The journalists’ memoirs consist of four novellas, in which many stories describe the suspicious quarters of the French city, the biography of a deranged painter or a love story about a student revolt. The film was nominated for Golden Globes and BAFTA Awards.

Fantastic cast that barely fits in a movie poster – Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Timothée Chalamet, Tilda Swinton, Adrien Brody, Benicio Del Toro, Owen Wilson and more.

Botticelli, Florence and the Medici – document, now available

An entire documentary dedicated to one of the greatest geniuses of the Renaissance, Sandro Botticelli, and to Florence, the city in which he worked. Marco Pianigiani’s film is an opportunity to broaden your knowledge about Botticelli, his works and, of course, the time in which he created. The Italian Renaissance is one of the most important and productive periods in the development of European art and civilization. Botticelli’s work originated in the cradle of the Renaissance in Florence, a city that at the time owed much to the powerful Medici family. Their generosity allowed Botticelli, who may not have been a great innovator in painting, to focus on two passions – showing feminine beauty and religious themes on the canvas.

“We Need to Talk About Cosby” Series, Available Now

Nominated for this year’s Emmy Awards, a documentary about one of the most controversial artists in entertainment history. Bill Cosby – a sexual predator who has repeatedly put to sleep and raped the women he has worked with over the decades of his career. For decades he was also the idol of millions of Americans, who saw in him the model father of the family, the master of family entertainment, the hilarious stand-up player and one of the best examples of possible success for a black performer. Cosby as a stage and screen character was the epitome of tact and good manners. At the same time, for decades, some allegations of his inappropriate or even criminal behavior were immediately silenced. It was only thanks to a “Vanity Fair” article in 2014 (that is, nearly half a century after the first examples of his outrageous behavior) that things got loud. The process began three years later, the year Cosby turned 80. Here’s a series that attempts to understand and describe Bill Cosby’s place in American cultural history today.

“Memoria” – movie, premiere on August 26

One of the most interesting films at last year’s Cannes Film Festival (winner of the Jury Prize) is the story of Jessica who travels to Bogota to visit her sister. However, she has a big problem: a mysterious noise haunts her. A metal bang that accompanies her on her way and surprises at the craziest moments. The whole journey soon becomes an almost hypnotic, transcendental experience that is also shared by the audience. The work of Bangkok-born director Apichatpong Weerasethakul (“Cemetery of Miracles”, “Uncle Boonmmee, who can remember his previous incarnations”), in addition to an interesting structure and atmosphere, has a unique advantage: the sensational creation of Tilda Swinton ( “Michael Clayton”, “We Need to Talk About Kevin”, “Only Lovers Will Survive”, “Doctor Strange”) as Jessica. The whole film is exciting and fascinating thanks to two pillars: the enchanting role of Swinton and the haunting mystery of noise.

“Spanish Romance” – movie, premiere on August 28

The latest film from four Oscar winner Woody Allen, taking us this time to… a film festival. The action of the comedy takes place at a festival in San Sebastian, where an American couple appears. She arrives as a PR person for a promising young director and soon succumbs to the charm of an eccentric artist. Upon seeing his wife’s actions, he develops a close acquaintance with a local doctor. Is the crisis in the relationship they will experience there a result of working in the film industry or contact with another European culture? As usual with Allen, it will be sharp, fun and romantic. The Rifkins are played by Wallace Shawn (“Bride to a Prince”, “Curse of the Scorpion”, “Marriage Story”, “Young Sheldon” series) and Gina Gershow (“Dirty Money”, “Faceless”, “Showgirls”, “P.S. I love you”).

“Lamb” – movie, now available

An intimate Icelandic drama with fantasy elements, which was last year’s Icelandic Oscar nominee, won Cannes awards and became the highest-grossing film in the history of Icelandic cinematography. Lamb is a story about a childless couple who live on a remote farm and raise sheep. Their lives change drastically when one night an unusual creature is born in the coop. The situation is further complicated by the unannounced visit of the main character’s brother, an artist in trouble.

This directorial debut by Vadimir Johansson, an Icelander who has so far made a career in Hollywood as a special effects specialist (Rogue One Star Wars Stories, War for Tomorrow), starred Noomi Rapace (Millenium trilogy, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows ” ) and Hilmir Snaer Gudnason (“Midnight Weddings”, “101 Reykjavik”, “The Laughter of the Seagulls”).

“Boss of the Year” – movie, premiering August 21

A Spanish comedy that conquered cinemas around the world, winning no fewer than six of the most important Spanish GOYA film awards last year, including Best Picture. She was also a Spanish Oscar nominee. The story of a family factory owner who wants to win the Best Local Business Award at all costs. So he tries to run his business perfectly, and as usual almost everything (and everyone) is conspiring against him. “Boss of the Year” is both a great comedy of characters and a strong social satire in modern ways in the work environment.

The great strength of the film is the Oscar winner and seven GOYA laureates (including for the “Boss of the Year”), Javier Bardem (“Skyfall”, “This is not a country for old people”, “Towards the Sea”), who stars as Fernando Albizu (“Fatty”, “Labyrinth of the Faun”), Manolo Solo (“Divine”, “Old Sins Have Long Shadows”) and up-and-coming Spanish actress Almudena Amor, who also was recognized for this film with a nomination for the GOYA Awards.

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