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There is no blood at the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment in Lublin. All blood groups are running out, except ABRh+ and ABRh-.

Every donor is worth their weight in gold. With them in mind, the project of the Polish Red Cross – “Team K” was created.

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– We have been supporting blood donations for years, but for a long time we did not have an offer for blood donors to reinforce their belief that what they do is important – says Beata Lachowicz of the Lublin Regional Branch of the Polish Red Cross. – Many blood donors know it’s important. But many potential blood donors are still skeptical. He doesn’t know if it’s safe, how long it takes. And this project aims to help our company step in, continue with us and donate blood together.

– It is a project aimed at people from the Lublin province – says Agnieszka Dylewska. – Every adult who can donate blood can sign up for the project, but also people who cannot donate blood, but would like to make this blood donation more popular in our province.

– There will be many fun gatherings and training trips. It will be such an escape moment so that a blood donor as average as me won’t feel like I’m going to donate blood and my role is over, but we can do a lot more. But we can get a lot of satisfaction out of it – says Beata Lachowicz.

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– As every year during the summer holidays, we call on donors to report to us, because our donors also go on vacation – says Małgorzata Orzeł, director of the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment in Lublin. – We have no students, we have no students in schools. Fewer donors come to us – about 200-250 donors a day report to our center and more or less the same amount of red blood cells is distributed among hospitals. Fortunately, today is Thursday when we have more of these donors. Thursday is the day when we replenish our stocks so that we can spend them on the weekend, when we charge much less. On the occasion of the epidemiological emergency that we now have, we are entitled to two days off from the blood donor for donated blood. And these Thursdays are so busy because you can extend the weekend by two days.

– We want to promote it to ourselves. In this simplest method, we donate blood. Look, we are the average people you meet on the street and we give the greatest gift you can give to another human being. We want to promote ourselves by showing that we are working people and that we find time to donate blood, as ordinary people we meet, we have our interests, and donating blood, including the research, is half an hour – explains Lahowicz.

– The first stage is online training to learn about the history of blood donation, what it all looks like in our province, how blood is donated, what the procedures are. The second part, on the other hand, consists of meetings of groups of 5 people and here the whole project involves the recruitment of 125 people and 50 teachers. Teachers should be people who also teach adults, Agnieszka Dylewska adds.

– It will be the icing on the cake. Each group gets its job and it would be great if we could get such social support from celebrities, Lublin or national stars. Because we know it encourages, it convinces. In addition, many people are already involved in this project and support our activities. And they will probably show up in our spots, but we won’t say anything yet, because it will be a big surprise – adds Beata Lahowicz.

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– The number of blood donors increased in our center last year. We hope it stays that way this year. Today we have already exceeded the number of 40 thousand. donation – I’m talking about donating whole blood, plasma or platelets across the province. We’ve set up at least 67 thousand. donations made during the year and all indications are that we will reach this number. I hope we will surpass it too – explains the director of RCKiK in Lublin.

– We want to make short videos. We will mainly promote ourselves through social media, as this is a free and very accessible option with a wide range. We want to show ourselves in such natural situations. We will report on our activities. We plan to organize blood donation campaigns, there will be many – says Lachowicz.

– People who needed a blood transfusion themselves or someone in their family who needed a blood transfusion are most aware of this. This is the moment when we experience very painfully that if someone else does not donate this blood, this lack of blood can pose a threat to someone’s health or life. We may not face such a situation, but we appeal to healthy adults, especially 18-year-olds. Donating blood is safe for a healthy adult. You can share this blood. The body will regenerate immediately and you can report back after a few weeks. We must not forget that there are patients in hospitals who are waiting for this blood and for whom this blood can really save their lives – explains Małgorzata Orzeł.

The “K Team” project is carried out in collaboration with the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment in Lublin. Details can be found at

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