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A right turn, then a little uphill, then another turn, then a break to observe an unusual butterfly. This is enough to forget which path we walked in the forest and where the exit actually is. To easily get out of the maze of trees, learn how to determine the directions of the world. Did you know that you don’t have to carry a compass in your pocket?

Which way home?

Walking in the forest is a great way to spend your free time away from the city noise. Lots of greenery, the quiet rustling of trees and the singing of birds are conducive to much further travel than had been envisaged in the original itinerary. How not to get lost? After all, the paths in the forest have no addresses or other markings and, moreover, they look almost identical.

Determining the directions of the world and the way home is, of course, made easier by technology and navigation hidden in your pocket. However, the lack of coverage is enough and the device will not work. What to do then? Use universal methods to determine the directions of the world. It is a fun and not so difficult task. Nature gives us many useful tips. All you need to do is figure out how not to miss these signs. Such methods may not be very accurate, but they will be enough to find the right path and return home safely.

How to define the sides of the world? What do you need to find yourself in the forest without a compass and special navigation? You really only need a little bit of knowledge. It is good to remember which direction you were going when you entered the forest. In addition, all you need is a vigilant observation of nature and a keen eye. So let’s go!

Does the moss suffer from the sun?

The forest is home to animals, insects and many plant species. The latter group includes specimens that have become particularly useful in determining the directions of the world. One of those useful plants is moss. Everyone will find it easy. It usually occurs in clusters and resembles a green soft cushion.

Why can mosses be helpful in finding the right path? All because of their special preferences. Mosses are organisms that prefer shade to warm sunlight. In addition, they need a lot of water and moisture to function properly. Such places are especially found where the sun’s rays are least frequent. For this reason, stones and trees usually grow out north pages.

Moss is very useful when it comes to guiding the world, but be careful – this method can fail you in a very dense forest. It doesn’t work where the sun’s rays can’t penetrate the dense canopy of trees anyway.

Determine the directions of the world using other plants

You already know how to determine north in the forest. And which plants help you find? south parts of the world? All the tall trees! Unlike mosses, these organisms need a lot of light to live. The trees grow the most on the south side, where they get the most sunlight. Most of their branches point south like a signpost.

It is best to make observations on solitary trees. Those in the undergrowth can often confuse you. Their shape was influenced not only by the sun, but also by competition from other plants growing around it.

In addition, tree specimens that have already been felled can be used to determine the directions of the world. It is enough to look closely at the rings on the cut logs left in the ground. Where they are arranged closer together, it is located north. Where the rings are further apart, south. This is easy to remember when you realize that the tree on the south side had better access to the sun, which only made it grow faster.

Why do ants build the curves of an anthill, or how do they define the sides of the world thanks to animals?

Not only plants can be living beacons in the forest, but also hard-working ants. They love the sun. For this reason, the shape of their anthill does not look like a perfectly even pyramid as it appears. How to determine the directions of the world thanks to this knowledge?

Look for an anthill on your route. Look, it’s not a perfect match. The longer side points to south. Shorter, steeper, is on the side north. When using this method, make sure to keep the proper distance and not destroy the anthill.

You can also set a direction by relying on animals eastern. Just watch the birds this time. If you hear them singing in the woods, strain your eyes to see if there are any cavities nearby. You should know that birds usually point to the rising sun when they enter their burrows!

How do I find my way home? Find an anthill!

Look at your… shadow!

Not only animals and plants are good conductors in the field. To easily determine the direction of the world, look at your… shadow! What should you do? How to determine the directions of the world using a shadow?

Turn your back to the sun and spread your arms. He is standing in front of you in this position North, behind you south. The right hand points East-and left West. This method works best on a sunny day around noon. Then the sun is highest in the sky.

With the same relationship, you can stick a stiff stick in the ground and watch the shadow change. By the way, this way you can make your own very simple sundial. Did you know that the length and angle of a shadow on the ground varies with the time of day?

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