High season in the Tatras. Queue in line at Kasprowy Wierch

A photo has been posted on Facebook of the crowd waiting in line to go down from Kasprowy Wierch. Current conditions in the mountains. The hour was in the afternoon, so it’s no wonder there were so many willing people, but many Internet users wanted to take the criticism. However, the fan page administrator successfully stops these ambitions by banning them. The discussion culture is therefore at a slightly higher level.

Therefore, internet users advise to get up earlier to avoid crowds, others explain that for children a trip to Kasprowy Wierch is an effort, so the solution is to use the cable car. What about the elderly? Others ask. “Not everyone can afford to go up or down for health reasons,” they add.

I always say. The more people who want to queue, the less on the course. A bomb as far as I’m concerned – writes Mr. Krzysztof.

We went up on foot with the children. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to go down anymore, so we went down – adds Joanna.

They want, let them go, it’s their choice – says Mrs. Iwona.

Leniuszki – notes another Internet user.

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Śnieżka is busy too

It is also busy in the Karkonosze Mountains. A tourist guide, who maintains a Facebook profile, Went Out of the House – Relacje z Przestrzenią, published a recording from under Śnieżka. “High season in the Karkonosze Mountains? It’s probably now” – he wrote.

A year ago, in late August, Piotr Jochymek, a Sudeten guide who manages the aforementioned social media profile, made an appeal to tourists who attempt to climb the mountain without proper preparation, often with small children. He also drew attention to the trampling of the highest peak of the Sudetes. “Wait a minute, Snow White!” he wrote then. As you can see, Jochymek’s words are still valid.

The guide then pointed out that “Śnieżka is the highest mountain in the country when it comes to the number of visitors. (…). But today it can be said that the situation of overcrowding in this mountain area is slowly becoming normal and should not be surprising “. Piotr Jochymek admitted that three years ago the images of crowds marching to the top were shocking, now he was familiar with it. And although he got used to the fact that the last 300 meters to Śnieżka mountain are jammed and the hike is very slow, he is still nervous that tourists trying to reach the top go up completely unprepared.

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The flow of tourists must be limited

The guide suggests setting boundaries in the interest of nature. “Nature is not made of rubber, it has its limits. We work, we live from the people who come to us, but we have to know moderation, we have to be able to say ‘enough’ at some point, because we will lose some of the values ​​we have. Nothing stays in nature. without consequences “- then appealed to Jochymek.

Lechosław Herz, a tourist and naturalist, is of a similar opinion. “But maybe it’s time to control the flow of tourists more?” – wondered Lechosław Herz, a tourist and naturalist in “Gazeta Wyborcza”. The Tatra lover is amazed that the one who “made so many people wander through the Tatras at the same time in one year” has admitted. The naturalist pointed out that such a number of tourists has a negative effect on the ecosystem, which can deteriorate quickly.

“I couldn’t think of 2 million tourists a year in the national park, whose main job is the conservation of wildlife, and here we are talking about an attendance of more than 4 million and almost 5 million” – noted Herz and added that she should on this topic there was a serious debate. The naturalist initially thought about the gradual introduction of restrictions and the introduction of limits on the busiest routes.

Table Mountains National Park radiates the path

So far, only one park has decided to introduce limits. It is the Table Mountain National Park, which has introduced restrictions on the two most popular routes: on Błędne Skały and Szczeliniec Wielki. 400 people can enter the paths per hour.

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