Draft amendment to the law. Apartments in office buildings and shopping centers

Realizing flats, for example in an existing office building, is difficult, but possible.  Such spaces have already been created in the Tri-City.

Apartments in a place where an office building or shopping center is now or is planned? It is possible. The ministry is working on a law that will allow rapid transformation of development plans and existing buildings.

Architects who have been preparing major urban concepts for years admit: today’s design must take into account the possibility of rapidly changing the function of the building. Until recently, there was a lot of demand for new office space and the apartments went like a train. Currently, more rental apartments are needed, but as the past twelve months have shown, this trend could suddenly change.

Such flexibility is not favored by the existing spatial development plans, which determine whether a building containing apartments or service buildings in the form of offices, warehouses, commerce, hotels or production may be built on a given site. The records offer a certain opportunity to juggle functions – it happens that in the place where commercial spaces are planned, rental apartments are created if the rental is carried out as part of business activities.

Gdansk, John of Kolno. Apartments for rent instead of office buildings

The ministry has an idea

It is more difficult to convert an existing building, such as a shopping center or office building, into living space – not only for architectural reasons, but also for legal reasons. The Ministry of Development and Technology has therefore announced that it is working on a solution that will transform the use of land and service buildings into residential functions.

– The increase in the popularity of remote work and e-commerce due to the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the abandonment of some offices and shops, especially those with a sales area of ​​more than 2,000 m², such as hypermarkets. Also in Poland many such facilities have been built in recent years and are now unused. Owners count losses and at the same time there is a shortage of apartments. We meet it. We want to make it easier to use such empty spaces for housing. It is better to transform empty objects, if there are such technical possibilities, than to demolish them – said Waldemar Buda, Minister of Development and Technology.
The cabinet is counting on the fact that several thousand apartments can be realized quickly thanks to the scheme.

More social rental properties

– Government activities in the field of housing policy primarily focus on financial support for municipalities in the development of municipal housing and participation in the development of social housing resources. This will also be the case with the changes we design – he pointed out Piotr UccinskicDeputy Minister of Development and Technology, adding that the flats created under the new law must meet appropriate standards.
Under the new law, municipalities are also allowed to purchase 5 percent. of buildings built on that basis on preferential terms. The price must correspond to 50 percent. the cost of setting up these spaces. The property can also come from another investment, provided it is new and located in a particular municipality.

A municipality that decides to buy such housing can take advantage of the existing Social and Municipal Housing (BSK) program, which offers 50 percent coverage. purchase price of housing by the municipality.

Renovation without a building permit or notification of completion

The assumptions of the project provide for a change in the intended use of the land where there are existing or planned office buildings, commercial buildings with a sales area of ​​more than 2,000 m², by a resolution of the local government.

According to the ministry, the owner has two years to modify and redevelop the use of the existing office and commercial buildings (excluding the structural elements of the building) without building permit and acceptance notification.

The draft law amending the use of some non-residential buildings in residential buildings will shortly be discussed in the Council of Ministers.

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