Cleo strongly criticized for flying private plane: “Poland Taylor Swift has been found” (PHOTO)

Lately, both the media and internet users seem to pay a lot of attention to stars who like to fly private jets. A few weeks ago on Kylie Jenner a wave of criticism fell for a sky-high journey of just 17 minutes, with which one Twitter user even called her a “climate criminal”. It got loud a few days ago about Taylor Swift’s plane. According to the profile of Celeb Jets, the singer has already used the jet 170 times this year and was therefore recognized “the biggest CO2 polluter of the year”. According to the calculations of the Yard Agency for Sustainable Development, the Taylor aircraft spent about 16 days in the air, will then emit 8,293.54 tons of CO2. The machine’s average flight time was 80 minutes, the shortest journey of a star it only took 36 minutes…

It turns out that there are plenty of short-haul enthusiasts in our Polish show business backyard too. Recently, one of the posts aroused a lot of emotions among Internet users Cleo. A few days ago, the singer praised herself on social media a photo taken in front of a small plane. By the way, the celebrity revealed that despite a busy concert schedule it’s the machine behind her that serves her as a means of transport while traveling to other cities on the map of Poland.

CleoLot fueled up and off we go! Today Kruszwica – on Monday Świnoujście, Wednesday Koszalin, Thursday Międzyzdroje, Friday Kołobrzeg, Saturday Słupca, Sunday Sompolno and then Chorzele! Who do I see? she asked the fans.

Cleo’s air travel may not have been criticized by internet users were it not for the fact that some of the singer could easily travel by car or concert bus. Świnoujscie and Koszalin for example, it is 165 kilometers apart and it takes about 2.5 hours to travel by road. Cleo would take less than 2 hours to travel from Koszalin to Międzyzdroje by car, from Miedzyzdroje to Kolobrzeg the singer would have entered in less than an hour and a half – the mentioned places are divided 115 kilometers.

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In the comments under Cleo’s Facebook post, there was a lot of criticism aimed at the singer. Many Internet users stressed that due to frequent trips of “CleoLot” the artist contributes to environmental pollution.

What environmental awareness; With an ecological footprint; Poland is so big that land transport can’t handle it; Do you really need a plane from Świnoujście to Koszalin?; Taylor Swift likes this; Poland Taylor Swift is found. Do you really need to fly?; Ecology is your middle name; There is nothing to worry about ecologically; Thank you for polluting yourself even more and harming us all. Are you flying to the supermarket soon? – Internet users wrote.

The singer has already boasted online about traveling by private plane. In early July, Cleo posted another photo to the web with “CleoLot” in the background, stressing that her air travel allows her to reach fans all over Poland.

I’m everywhere! Sometimes we see each other at two or three concerts a day – I’ll fly to you with my CleoLot and we’ll see you all over Poland. Today: Mrągowo – later – Imielin Sunday: Włodawa – later – Janów Podlaski Monday: All of Poland! – then the singer was enumerating.

Interestingly, the plane is not the only means of air transportation that Cleo uses on the occasion of subsequent concerts. At the end of July, the singer proudly presented to the fans … “Cleocopter”.

Let’s go! With my CleoKopter I can attend several concerts in one day! The end of July and August are just around the corner – more than 40 concerts! – boasted the celebrity.

Think Cleo should limit your air travel a bit?

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The rich fly and instruct others not to fly. And this way we won’t stop climate change, so why deny yourself anything? That the rich would laugh at us?

Cleo just twisted her hair tight with a rubber band, and she’s having a hard time thinking

There are buses on this route

As long as the factories in China and India are running. Ecology can be put in 4 letters.

We poor people have to take care of the environment, and the rich don’t care

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I don’t know how much it costs to rent a plane, but Cleo will make sure the bank agrees. Apparently it should pay off. Thanks to this, she can pollute the air and play many more concerts. Congratulations!

If I can afford it, let it fly. I would fly too. And put your ecology in it… This is eco-promotion of new companies under the guise of ecology. Lie!

In a few years she will be raising money and now a lance, embarrassing.

She’s nothing to Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Epsein and others. And how many politicians trumpeting about ecology on parliamentary rosters fly around the world at our expense? You cling to her… Why don’t you boycott chain networks like Reserved, H&M or Cropp that they produce millions of plastic shmat in Bangladesh that are lying in shopping centers, bending the shelves. And they produce new and new. I don’t see anyone worrying about that. Everyone is walking around and dressing like crazy at the sale. Because they can’t live without a new piece of clothing.

The poodle stopped rushing to the Królikowski family and writing about the dead child (and posting photos of the funeral). After all, someone gave you your ass? Because conscience said so, I don’t believe it.

But trouble in view of the war and the price of Ulalal

I’m already starting to throw up on ecology. This topic has become a fashionable option for hatred and not a well-thought-out lifestyle. You get used to raspberries again. Politicians fly to meetings and discuss how to convince you to sit on D… because it’s your fault it should be wrong, they want to distract from the fact that their greed and greed led them to what happening on earth and greed. And now they’re playing and you give in and rush for some Cleo, instead of really getting down on your knees and starting to fight those who are actually guilty.

With these fuel prices and to think that you have to be on the road for a few hours, I would also choose an airplane

If he gets such opportunities, he goes years of his own. Three quarters of the world don’t care about lighting bottles, pouring waste into rivers, only in the EU do they ban the production of straws, etc. so what’s the point.

oh there but it has…

13 minutes ago


The biggest eco-shit is a parody. They produce so much plastic and they buy so much food and then throw it away because it is not eaten. The clothes are the same. I know that because they work with them for the show, you can go broke. Pseudo-celebrities. And what ideas and reasoning is jprd.

I wonder what normal person goes to her concerts?

Tell me who goes to her concerts?

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