A typical summer as “hell” in new forecasts? fake news!


  • Posted on Facebook aftersuggesting that the colors of the weather forecast maps have changed as a result of deliberate manipulation of the media to portray summer as “hell and apocalypse.” In this way, the seriousness of climate change is denied.
  • Presented in entry cards come from two different programs and are made for different purposes – one is topographic mapsecond thermal. The colors used in these programs have not changed in recent years – so this is not evidence of media manipulation.

They are popular on social media weather forecast comparisons. These allegedly prove the changes introduced by the media to create panic over global warming. At Demagog, we’ve already dealt with disinformation on this topic. In one of us analysis you can read about the alleged color change used by UK TV for picture temperatures.

He recently appeared on Facebook afterdenying the seriousness of climate change, suggesting that the media is manipulating weather map images. According to Description the red colors on the cards in the weather forecasts serve to “make summer hell and apocalypse” in the eyes of the public. Use of red colors specified as “dramaturgy”. down entry a comparison of maps used for weather forecasting – from a few years ago and today – is included. It should prove a change in the way high temperatures are presented by television so that they cause fear in the public.

Screenshot of a Facebook post showing a card comparison.  The entry received more than 700 responses, more than 100 responses and more than 1.3 thousand.  shares.

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Card comparison visible in entry has already been published by foreign social media users (1, 2, 3). Last after is popular on Facebook, where it received more than 700 comments and more than 100 comments, and was shared by more than 1.3 thousand. time.

The responses from internet users show that they fasting as truthful. “It’s always been like this and nothing new… let them stop scaring them because it’s summer” – He wrote one of the commenters. Another user stated:that “after the last scarecrows”, it is time to face climate change.

Comparing cards is manipulation – the media doesn’t threaten colors in the predictions

According to the information posted on Pictures in fasting the first map is from June 21, 2017 and the second is from the same date in 2022. In the past, high temperatures were meant to be represented by green hues, while today lower temperatures need to be represented by red hues to add “drama” .

Different colors on the two cards they don’t prove manipulation via television with information about temperatures. Pictures show maps with weather forecasts presented by two different programs. The first, from 2017, was originally used on the channel Hessischer Rundfunk, a German regional broadcaster operating in Hesse. The second, from 2022, comes from a German news program “Tagesschau” broadcast on the channel That’s Erste.

How she explained fact-checking organization Main storieswho handled the case shows one of the paintings topographic mapwith the topography (mountains, rivers), the second – heat map. The differences in the colors of the cards are due to their different purposes.

In recent years, the colors on the cards of the indicated programs have not changed

Leo Hickmana journalist specialized in climate-related topics, explainswhat is the manipulation of in messages compare cards. Paid attention the fact that the cards come from different programs and serve different purposes makes their comparison wrong.

The journalist posted on Twitter entry show what the heatmap looked like in the program “Tagesschau” on the channel That’s Erste Five years ago. It appears that in June 2017, when temperatures were high, too presented them with intense red colors (recording time 14:48).

To make a comparison between maps, we need to place images side by side from the same program used to convey information on the same subject. Leo Hickman presented like this comparisonshowing that the color rendering of temperatures has not changed to arouse fear in the public.

In turn, the topographical maps presented on the channel Hessischer Rundfunk they still look the same as in 2017 and are still in green colors. This can be seen, for example, in weather forecast on June 21, 2022 (recording time 12:44).

Global warming exists and we should not take it lightly

Climate change is a real threat. Temperature on Earth increases. Last summer was in Europe the warmest in measurement history. Temperature surpassed with 1 degree Celsius the average for the years 1991 – 2020. One of the reasons for the increase in global temperature are exchanged: burning coal, oil and gas, deforestation and raising livestock that produce large amounts of methane during digestion.

The increase may seem modest, but the actual change in the planet’s average temperature of 2 degrees Celsius – compared to the pre-industrial era – is a threat for people, economies and ecosystems. You can read more about this in our analyzes (1, 2) about report United Nations Intergovernmental Groups on Climate Change (IPCC).

“Climate heating affects the occurrence of extremely high temperaturesand these weather phenomena last longer and are more frequent than in the past. The second factor is: heavy precipitation, thereby exceeding the possibility of natural absorption and drainage. The third element related to climate change is: the occurrence of droughtsboth in natural ecosystems (forests) and in cultivated areas”.

Overview the IPCC report


equations weather forecasts are being questioned by the threats of climate change. However, their analysis leads to a different conclusion: the images intended to expose the alleged media manipulation are in fact themselves an example of manipulation leading to the denial of the real problem caused by climate change.

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