This is certain. There will not only be subsidies for those who heat their homes with coal | coal additive, coal surcharge, coal price, polish smog alarm, energy additive

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The government project provides 3,000 PLN subsidies only to those households that heat themselves with coal, regardless of their income level. As indicated by the Polish Smog Alert, it excludes as many as two-thirds of families, including nearly half of those on low incomes. It will not be used by farms heating houses from municipal heating networks, local boiler houses or using gas, wood pellets or heating oil.

– Giving aid only to coal users and leaving half of the lowest-income households without any support, who also face rising energy prices, is a manifestation of extreme injustice – he says Andrzej Guza, leader of the Polish Smog Alert. – That is why we have decided to call on all senators who will be working on the cabinet proposal for a responsible, solidarity and non-exclusive approach. Aid should go to those most in need, not just coal users, Guła added.

The Polish Smog Alert, the Institute for Structural Research and the Frank Bold Foundation are making a social proposal for an energy supplement. The aid would go to the lowest-income households, regardless of the heat source they use. Families meeting the income criteria of the Protection Allowance Act passed under the Anti-Inflation Shield could count on 3,000. PLN surcharge if they live in a single-family house or 1 thous. PLN surcharge if they live in a multi-family house.

– One million wealthy households will benefit from the government’s carbon subsidy, while as many as 1.5 million low-income families, including many retirees, will no longer receive support. Thanks to the social proposal, 100% of the aid will be obtained. low-income households and nearly 80 percent. families who live only on a pension, he says Jakub Sokolowskyand from the Institute for Structural Research, an organization that has been working on energy poverty for years.

– While the cost of the government’s carbon surcharge is estimated at PLN 11.5 billion, the social proposal is PLN 9.5 billion – Sokołowski says, adding that the calculations are based on years of research into energy transformation and the problem of energy poverty by scientists from the Institute of Structural Research.

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The initiators of the social project also pay attention to the chaotic legislative process, which leads to the government adopting ill-considered solutions. – Instead of resorting to the existing legal mechanisms, for example from the foreclosure law, the government proposes, without consulting the public and experts, new instruments that do not withstand the collision with reality. This is the case, for example, in the case of compensation for coal sellers, from which it withdraws shortly after its entry into force – says Maria Wloskowicz, attorney at the Frank Bold Foundation. –

– The social proposal corrects the existing errors and includes solutions based on data and already binding regulations. And above all, it gives help to those Polish women who will be in the most difficult situation in the winter and in need of state support the most – adds Wloskowicz.

The second pillar of the social initiative is to stimulate measures to improve the energy efficiency of Polish houses, which will reduce the spending of Poland and Poland on heating in the coming heating seasons. Civil society organizations are proposing to introduce a free voucher for an energy audit for single-family and multi-family homes.

– Polish houses are in a terrible energetic condition. 30 percent of single-family homes have no exterior wall insulation. If a few years ago people started seriously helping households to improve energy efficiency, today not 9-11 million tons of coal would be used in this sector, only 5 or less. However, to exploit this potential, it is necessary to help invest in energy efficiency – says Andrzej Guła. According to the initiators, urgent changes are needed in the Clean Air and Thermal Modernization and Renovation Fund programs.

The voucher for an energy audit for owners of single-family homes who receive an energy allowance has a value of PLN 1.2 thousand. zloty,. while for communities and cooperatives – 4,000 zlotys. This mechanism will not entail additional costs for the state budget, as it can be financed from the already functioning programs: Clean Air and the Thermomodernization and Renovation Fund. – Energy audit vouchers allow building owners to benefit from professional advice that will allow them to select the necessary thermo-modernization works, determine the possible energy savings and estimate the cost of such an investment – says Jakub Sokołowski from the Institute for Structural Research.

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The initiators of the social project have sent the assumptions to all senators who will discuss the bill on the CO2 surcharge on August 4. – We count on a responsible attitude from Senators and urge them to approach the management of limited public resources responsibly and choose a solution that is fairer and cheaper for the taxpayer’s wallet – they add .

The government also changes the course on the CO2 surcharge. As Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said, work is already underway to extend the law to include other heat sources. The Ministry of Climate and Environment will draw up regulations by Thursday at the latest.

According to Polish Radio, a ministerial meeting on this issue is scheduled for today. According to the prime minister, the new mechanism will take into account the recent prices of individual fuels as fairly as possible. – The Council of Ministers discussed, among other things, the mechanism to reduce the VAT on heat carriers – said the head of government. – If we lower the VAT on all these commodities, and the relative price increase was different in their case, then we can treat different households in a very different way – Morawiecki said in the air.

According to Polish Radio, the estimated cost of the new aid package for the state budget is 10 to 12 billion zlotys.

According to the reports of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, citing his sources, the subsidies will not necessarily be the same, meaning those who smoke with fuels other than coal will not receive 3,000 zlotys from the government. zloty. With other fuels, the surcharges will most likely depend on the size of the increases for a particular fuel.

According to the paper, the government also plans to support local heat plants, which had been in crisis from Russia long before the war and its impact on energy. They were undermined by the increase in emissions costs imposed by the European Union. The aid would consist of fuel purchase additives, which are used in boiler rooms. Details will be announced in August. ( photo: jm

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