Theater summer in the Atelier Theater. Performances, gigs and recitals are just around the corner

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The first month of the Theater Summer in the Atelier Theater is over. Agnieszka Osiecka. Behind us are many interesting performances, performances, recitals, as well as international encounters with Jewish culture. August promises to be just as interesting. They will sing among others Hanna Banaszak and Magda Umer, Jerzy Satanowski celebrate the 50th anniversary of artistic work.

The beginning of the month will be devoted to meeting real stars of the Polish scene. Magda Umer and her band will perform on the stage of the Atelier Theater on 1 and 2 August. It is a unique meeting of years of stage experience with the exuberant energy of the musician youth. The singer is a master of interpreting literary songs. The perfect combination of music and lyrics made many of the songs she sang into hits.

On Wednesday and Thursday August 3 and 4, the stage will be taken by Hanna Banaszak – an extraordinary performer, even phenomenal. For years she has delighted listeners with her voice, mannerism, smile and professionalism. She performs jazz and popular music standards, as well as songs often written especially for her.

The concert of Magdalena and Mirosław Czyżykiewicz will also be very interesting. Viewers who decide to spend the evenings of August 5 or 6 at the Atelier Theater can participate in two different concerts by purchasing one ticket. The performance will consist of two parts. In the first one you can hear the greatest hits and songs of Mirosław Czyżykiewicz that are especially important to him. In the second part, the singer is accompanied by his wife – Magdalena Czyżykiewicz. At that time, extensive excerpts from the album “Piano” will be presented, as well as several songs from the newly created music project “Emandem”. Sopot viewers will be one of the first to hear them!

Many viewers are eagerly waiting for a meeting with Magdalena Smalara, “A Woman to Eat”. On Sunday evening, August 7, this incredibly talented actress will give the public a recital on one of the greatest pleasures – food! The program is a combination of a concert and a stand-up. So it becomes fun, sometimes lyrical and certainly very interesting.

The second week of August is dominated by the “Remember about Osiecka” competition.

– Agnieszka Osiecka is one of the foremost authors of texts. She has written so many valuable works that it is worth remembering her. This competition shows every year that among the 150 people who sign up for the preliminaries, there will always be a group of 10-20 people who sing noble, original and very contemporary lyrics written even 60 years ago, in a completely different reality. Time is a good quality verifier. The psychology of these numbers paints a timeless world – emphasizes Jerzy Satanowski, a longtime accompanist of the competition.

This year, the Sopot Theater Summer is also an opportunity to celebrate its anniversary. Satanowski is not only an excellent composer and director, but also an old friend of the Sopot scene. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of artistic work, the musical performance “Stacyjka Życie” will have its world premiere.

– It is a collection of songs, poems and lyrics that describe life as a continuous journey and the world as a great waiting room of the station. Osiecka, Młynarski, Kofta, Wołek, Przybora wrote many beautiful “railway songs” and we will remember them in our performance. We will also not forget beautiful fragments of literary works, the protagonists of which are: stations, rails, tickets, locomotives, conductors realities, but has metaphysical and even surreal ambitions.By the way, we will try to keep the audience “stretched” between a joke and a deeper meaning – says Jerzy Satanowski, who makes the show.

The highlight of the Theater Summer is the concert of the audience award winners of the 10th edition of the “Let’s Remember Osiecka” competition, combined with a performance by the Mumio Theater. Marcin Januszkiewicz, Hubert Jarczak, Paweł Ruszkowski, Mateusz Weber, Krzysztof Szczepaniak, Joanna Zawłocka-Lewandowska, Katarzyna Obidzińska, Marta Budrynowicz, Gabriela Kundziewicz and Aleksandra Bernatek will perform.

Each of the events enjoys great interest and tickets are selling out at a dizzying pace. But even if the event is sold out, it is worth going to the Atelier Theater on the day of an interesting performance or concert. The friendly public service sometimes works wonders to ensure there are enough seats for everyone interested.

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