The design of the speedway stadium should be ready in 1.5 years. And the construction can cost PLN 200 million

– We want a new dignified facility – Speedway fans wrote to the mayor of the city as they prepared a demonstration about the new stadium in June. They explained that they did not want the “eternal adjustment” of the old facility in Al. Zygmuntowskie, which in their opinion is too tight. – Thousands of people who are willing have no chance to watch the matches of their beloved team – they wrote in an open letter. – We do not want the main topic of the broadcast from our city to be problems related to the facility that does not match the standard of product quality, which is PGE Ekstraliga. We didn’t deserve it.

The town hall announced this today the design of the new stadium is being developed by: founded for him a consortium by the Pozna-based studio Kavoo Invest and the Wrocław-based company Sybilski, Wesoły and Partners Constructions. Architects will be given 1.5 years after signing the contract, with completion expected in August. The contract is for 7.4 million PLN.

For this amount, the city will receive a complete project of a “fully covered sports and recreation facility with the function of a speedway stadium”. It can accommodate 17 thousand. up to 20 thousand fans.

– For safety reasons, the bottom row of seats will be above the top edge of the ice rink around the rink – Joanna Stryczewska announces from Lublin City Hall. – The track is fenced from the grandstands and fitted with kinetic tires and it is the designer’s job to adapt it to the guidelines of the Speedway Ekstraliga, the Polish Motor Association or the International Motorcycle Federation.

The main purpose of the facility is to host events in disciplines such as: speedway, supercross, karting, drifting, freestyle, motocross and mini-stroke. Plus they would be kept here concerts, shows, volleyball, handball and basketball matches, “horse competitions and shows”, exhibitions, fairs and congresses.

The documentation must take into account all the details, including the layout of the rooms and the layout of the area around the facility. The city hall calls this area “a new park and recreation area” and “a green recreation area with play elements”, including a canoe harbor. However, it should be remembered that designers will also have to cram thousands of places for cars here.

The parking lot is going to be huge. If the stadium is 20,000 . has seats in the stands, according to the current development plan, there should be 4,000. parking spaces for passenger cars and 60 parking spaces for coaches.

The stadium is being built in the Bystrzyca Valley, in part of the Lublin Riding Club area. The land for building was indicated in the zoning plan, which was amended especially for this purpose by officials and the city council.

This one the decision was strongly criticized by the Supreme Courtwhich concluded that the City Council had failed to conduct a reliable analysis to assess the natural effects of such a change. She also recalled that research from 2011 and 2019 found that the ban on river valley development is justified. NIK further states that the development plan deviates “considerably” from what is included in the spatial study, which, according to the law, may not be contradictory.

Such harsh criticism from the Supreme Court has not convinced the Lublin authorities to cancel the contract for the new stadium. The City Hall has already invited the Poznań-Wrocław consortium to sign the contract.

The contract includes not only the design of the stadium, but also the supervision of its construction by the end of 2026. It can be inferred from this that the city intends to build the stadium by then.

For now, however, it is too early for the speedway fans to open champagne, and the opponents of placing the stadium here announced a defeat. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, because the designers still have to make environmental agreements, which need not be easy given the stadium’s location in the river valley, a natural corridor that ventilates the city.

Second, the project itself is not enough to build a stadium, because a lot of money is still needed. The cost of this investment is estimated at 200 million PLN (the cost estimate should be available in early 2024), and the city council has no guarantee now that they will get such funds.

However, City Hall is signaling its determination to arrange financing for the new cinder facility. – It will remain one of the city’s investment priorities for years to come – says President Krzysztof Żuk.

Where does the city want to get that money from? – Different possible scenarios for financing the investment implementation through financing from the Ministry of Sports or in the form of public-private partnerships are considered – Stryczewska says. – The decision on the final financing model for the construction will be made at a later stage, after the facility designs have been developed.

Let’s add that the designers have to rely on the concept that the city hall ordered in 2019, when the city hall assumed that the new speedway stadium would be built on the site of the old one, ie at Al. Zygmuntowskie. The order went to the Pozna studio Kavoo Invest. It had to come up with an object with a capacity of 17,000 in the stands. up to 20 thousand fans. The concept would also include a parking garage on the other side of Al. Zygmuntowskie, near the gas station.

Then the city hall decided that the stadium would be built on the grounds of the LKJ, because if it came to Al. Zygmuntowski, the speedway riders would lose their place for training and competitions for some time, and it would be too difficult to adapt Arena Lublin to this football role and cost 16 million PLN. The contract with Kavoo Invest was attached, reducing its size and the architects were satisfied with the concept. The city paid 234 thousand for it. zloty. The value of the design work then abandoned was almost 130,000 PLN. zloty.

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