Terraced houses – Gdynia Oksywie. Discover the sustainable character of the neighborhood

Gdynia Oksywie, Arciszewskich Street

With the terraced houses in Gdynia-Oksywie you can enjoy the green surroundings and at the same time use the city amenities. A garage, private garden and spacious interiors make the homes in Oksywie very popular. The attractiveness of the coastal district also attracts tourists who follow the trail of historical and military monuments of Gdynia.

Oksywie is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. The location by the sea allows long walks in the middle of nature, incl. along the Oksywski boulevard. You can reach the center within 15 – 20 minutes by car. There are also bus lines in the district.

Terraced houses in Gdynia-Oksywie – functionality and comfort

The terraced houses in Gdynia-Oksywie have an area of ​​approximately 100 – 200 m². Residents can enjoy spacious interiors, a private garage, parking space and garden. Some buildings, especially older ones, also have basements or attics. The semi-detached houses are often distinguished by a clear layout in the living area and the sleeping and relaxation area on the first floor, which facilitates daily movement. Residents of terraced houses in Gdynia-Oksywo can also enjoy the privacy provided by a separate entrance and fencing.

The new buildings fit in with the atmosphere of the neighbourhood. The houses combine functionality with comfortable places to relax. Residents appreciate the view of the sea or the woods.

What is it like to live in Oksywie?

The developed infrastructure allows you to meet all needs within the district. Near the terraced houses there are educational institutions – schools and kindergartens, health care – private offices and the National Health Fund (Puckie Centrum Medyczne), as well as shops and service points. Residents can also benefit from bus stops incl. lines 104, 150, 196, 700 and night lines. People traveling by car can easily reach Śródmieście or to . to achieve Tricity ring road.

Oksywie is an attractive location for residents of Gdynia of all ages – students, families with children or the elderly. There are restaurants, bars and popular large format shops in the area. The youngest can enjoy the playgrounds and the games room and the range of different facilities on offer.

The district is also eagerly chosen by students. at ul. Śmidowicza is located Marine academy Heroes of Westerplatte. Knowledge can be gained in military studies (eg navigation, security information systems) and civil studies (eg ocean engineering, IT).

The elderly appreciate Oksywie for proximity to Śródmieściedeveloped infrastructure, access to medical facilities and numerous places for daily walks.

Gdynia-Oksywie – the beach, the torpedo station and the Oksywski Boulevard

Residents of terraced houses in Gdynia-Oksywie have the opportunity to walk every day not only in the natural environment, but also among historically and militarily significant buildings. What’s worth seeing in Gdynia-Oksywie?

on the beach in Oksywie there are fewer tourists and residents can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere all year round. Part of the space is intended for people with dogs. Near the beach is Oksywski Boulevard, a nearly 2 kilometer long picturesque route designed to fortify the coast. In the summer, fresh fish is sold near the boulevard and food stalls open.

Stones on the Coast - Oksywski Boulevard

Stones on the Coast - Oksywski Boulevard

Residents strolling around Kępa Oksywskaie a picturesque moraine plateau with a steep cliff. During the Second World War it was a place of fighting.

One of Oksywie’s attractions is torpedo station, the so-called Formosis located on
in the naval port area. Currently, it serves as the headquarters of the Navy Control and Measurement Test Site, the Formoza Military Unit and the Babie Doły Airport Beacon service. In one of the oldest quarters of Gdynia, it is also worth seeing a historic WWII concrete bunker, Lighthouse Monument or the Mausoleum of Gustaw Orlicz-Dreszer.

The oldest church in Gdynia and the entire Tri-City is located in Oksywie. St. Michael the Archangelcomes from 1224.

Two cable cars on the Oksywie cliff pass through the district. The first is located right next to the exit to the beach next to the bus station No. 152 – it only transports goods and equipment, and the second is closed and located in Babie Doły.

There are Family Allotment Gardens in Oksywie. Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski.

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