Nancy Pelosi’s chilling trip to Taiwan. China protests

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Rzeczpospolita follows Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

“The People’s Liberation Army will not sit still,” Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, said before news came that an American politician had arrived in Taiwan. It happened Tuesday night. Beijing responded by announcing military exercises in the areas around the island.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives went on a trip through the countries of East Asia. She started with Singapore, then visited Malaysia and has official plans for Japan and South Korea. Even before he left, MPs in Washington suggested he could also visit Taiwan.

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Chinese sailors parade in Beijing's Tiananmen Square

This is the first visit by such a high-ranking American politician to an island that China considers part of its territory in nearly a quarter of a century. It provoked fierce opposition from Beijing. Taipei was previously visited in 1999 by Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich.

Probably due to a sharp reaction from China, the landing on the island disappeared from the official program of Pelosi’s visit. But as soon as she was in Asia, there was information that she would go there.

“As a country, we should not be intimidated by such rhetoric or threats of possible action,” a US National Security Council spokesman said. – We want to make sure that when he goes abroad he can travel safely, we will take care of that. There is no reason for such Chinese rhetoric. There is no need to take action, he added.

Representatives of the current US administration try to explain to Beijing that its policy towards China is not changing

Chinese politicians and journalists have been threatening her for several days. Former head of the Global Times’ English-speaking Chinese communist organ, Hu Xijin, even suggested that her plane could be shot down. “Beijing has prepared a number of countermeasures, including military ones,” he added. He also proposed that military aviation forces the plane of the chairman of the House of Representatives to land at an airport in the Chinese city of Sansha (Hainan province). However, it was rumored that the Nancy Pelosi machine would fly in the escort of American fighters from the aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan”.

The Chinese naval fleet started an exercise in Pohaj Bay on Monday, combined with the firing of live ammunition. On Tuesday, warship maneuvers began in the South China Sea. The Americans in turn sent a squadron under the command of said aircraft carrier to the vicinity of the island.

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Nancy Pelosic

At the same time, representatives of the current US administration are trying to explain to Beijing that its policy towards China is not changing. However, the US executive should not interfere in the activities of the legislature, including the House of Representatives and its president. “The president doesn’t think he has the right to take the president off this visit,” a White House spokeswoman said. Commentators point out that both Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping were surprised by the development of the situation, which is destroying their plans and is very unfortunate for them.

As a result, however, both sides are concentrating their naval forces around the island. At the same time, the alarm was raised in the troops of the Taiwanese army. For now, however, only Taipei airport has received false information about the bombs. “We are ready to bury any enemy who tries to break in,” the command of China’s Eastern Military District (bordering the Taiwan Strait) warned.

Most experts accepted that Nancy Pelosi – a well-known critic of the Chinese authorities – would visit Taiwan, against all obstacles. And so it happened.

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Nancy Pelosi’s journey has disrupted the markets

Since last fall, the Chinese army has been waging massive provocations against the island. His planes fly in the so-called Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone, activate an alarm in his units. The peak of Chinese activity was on October 4 last year, when as many as 56 Chinese combat machines were on Taiwanese radars. Later, the Chinese began to fly around the island from the east, causing great concern, as they mostly appeared from the southwest side until now.

In retaliation for Nancy Pelosi’s visit, the Chinese Air Force may carry out greater provocations (deploying several hundred aircraft), or even attempt to fly over Taiwan. In the latter case, the authorities in Taipei will be faced with a dilemma of what to do. A wave of planes may prepare for landing, but the order to shoot them down will bring two superpowers to the brink of war. “The closer they get, the harder they are hit,” Taiwan’s Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng has already announced.

The same goes for landings on smaller islands in Taiwan’s jurisdiction. Other countries in the region are then likely to side with Taipei.

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