Francis Tuan of “Natural Ice Cream” and self-promotion [komentarz]

Francis Tuan released his first song in Polish, which means his second album will also be in Polish. How do you prefer them Natural ice cream?

Francis Tuan, I think he is convinced

He sang only in English – I was firmly convinced that the guy was “from abroad” when he first hit me on Spotify. Later, a concert fell from the sky, and moreover in Pozna, my city. After all, I wasn’t there, the date didn’t match, but Francis Tuan it stayed in my memory and came back every now and then when i needed something from the category I need some fun and energy.

Reflections in his work also remained, so nice. In the artist’s latest single, you’ll hear how important things are broken down into much less important words. I still doubted whether I liked it, because on the one hand the euro pallets buy me completely, on the other hand a certain infantilization stings a bit. But once-there’s time I’m convinced that yes, it’s cool, light, go-getting and summer.

Natural ice cream arose on a loose spring morning, probably in 2019, as a joke. They were in a notebook in a drawer, but at a party my friends asked me to play them something new. What meeting they asked me when it would be recorded. I told them it’s not appropriate, that Francis Tuan is singing in English, that it’s not serious, and come on.

– says the artist about the single “Natural Ice Cream”

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photo by Piotr Nykowski

Francis Tuan: a story soft ice cream

The artist in a special statement for the portal he did a lot of background on that song. Before the biographical and contextual issues come up, it’s worth hearing Natural ice cream clean; this is where you start forming your opinion.

Francis Tuan – Natural ice creamlisten to the single!

Now it will be in polish

(…) Meanwhile, a pandemic broke out and all our musical plans collapsed. I made sketches of new songs in my room, but after a while I realized that I was drawn to Polish lyrics. It is as if these events around you have awakened the need for a more honest approach to reality – no longer with pretense of joy under the sign of Let’s pretend. There had been laughter despite the tears, now more direct hardness started to come out of me.

I went back to this one soft ice cream and I realized that over time it took on a nostalgic dimension for me. This ironic portrayal of all hipsterism suddenly seemed to me a lost utopia, an old world, or maybe even: a vision of the world that should be, but melted – natural, eco, modern, fashionable, with beautiful music. I wondered if it could really be arranged as a song, and kind of automatically this style of mixing dirty guitars and candy keys was born.

From the beginning it was clear to me that the new songs will be played harder, because the new lyrics are stronger too. At the beginning of this year, all the recent experiences piled up in me and exploded – and in a week and a half I made a concept of the entire album. At first it was supposed to be a mockery of various elements of the present time, but as I wrote it all down I realized it turned out to be a very personal diary.

I don’t know if this can be heard by outsiders. I certainly perceive it that way and some of these lyrics give me such a liberating feeling of screaming out anger, some trauma, failure, and the ridicule that goes into it helps to distance myself, to poke fun at what isn’t. to be overcome.

said Francis Tuan.
Francis Tuan natural ice
photo by Piotr Nykowski

This is doll. But it’s not a doll. Fragment news

Francis Tuan in full version it is already entering its next era, the second album is not only made, it is actually there (and almost physically). The artist revealed a secret about the atmosphere of his album and also announced several titles.

When it comes to the music itself, as Kuba Korzeniowski from Zamiostudio, who mixes us regularly, expresses it, it’s diverse, “as usual”. So not just such indie rock jumps. As usual we have Vietnamese instruments, albeit in a slightly different form – they appear in a sleepy ballad Before we get boredsuch an exotic synth pop, in a squeaky protest song (?) Jurassic Parkabout growing up in the 90s and eventually into a punk rock piece Mr Zupka, composed of quotes I heard about my half-Vietnamese heritage. The motif played on đàn nguyệt also features in the slightly dance-like song I’ll be young someday – some say he is our successor First mover. And also, as usual with me, with us in general – references to all musical eras coexist here. I used to see this diversity as my downside of not being able to create a consistent style, but lately I don’t care anymore. I’m a big fan of Wolf Alice in general, especially the latest album where they literally tie everything together without any mercy. It seems to me that this simultaneity is typical of contemporary music reception, when genre differences have faded. It encourages me to do numbers like Omega manreferring to Hendriks / Black Keys / Beastie Boys (you can choose anything), next to it If I earn a little less (some friends say Maryla Rodowicz, others say MGMT). I believe it is possible to be consistent in all of this if the story told in the songs is consistent. Will we succeed – we’ll see how the audience will feel if we manage to record this album. For now we’re just playing nice and we shouldn’t be blocked again by circumstances.

The announcement sounds cool, the single sounds cool and when is the album out? It is still unknown.

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