CPK (Central Communication Port) with problems. “It is worth reconsidering investments for 500 billion”

It is not possible to carry out the project until 2027. I’m thinking of the airport and 530 kilometers of new rail lines, as we get to the feasibility study stage, Piotr Malepszak, former board member and acting chairman of the Central Communication Port, told TVN24. – In my opinion, the first railway in 2035 is a realistic date – he said.

Piotr Malepszak admitted that he is in favor of building a central communication port. – In my opinion, this is a very good idea to improve transport in Poland, especially the underfunded and losing competitiveness with regard to the car, ie rail, – he said.

CTH with delays

However, according to the expert, the CPK will not be put into operation within the originally planned date.

– If we wanted to open one of the parts of the CPK in 2027, the work on the construction site would have to start today. It is not possible to carry out the project until 2027. I’m thinking of the airport and 530 kilometers of new rail lines when we’re in the feasibility phase, he said.

– If we were in China, it would be difficult – in China with the infrastructure, personnel and machine potential, as well as with the whole infrastructure machine. With us you have to look realistically at the planning, a real plan of action. In my opinion, the first railway in 2035 is a realistic date – he said.

Amounts related to the planned construction of the CPKNIK

CPK. Is it necessary in Poland?

Malepszak pointed out that “we have certain factors that have strongly influenced the situation in the aviation market recently”.

– The government document published last year (…) indicated that the construction of the airport would not bring as many passengers as planned. If we were to develop existing airports, especially regional ones with an airport in Modlin, the number of passengers will be 86 million by 2040, and if we built an STH, this number would be 89 million – he said. He pointed out that the difference would be only three million passengers.

When asked whether we are not overspending on such an increase in passenger numbers, he replied that “if we approach the conclusion from this analysis, we must certainly say to ourselves that it is not worth build to bring three million passengers to the system”.

– It can be done differently, through the development of regional ports and analysis of the development of the ports of Warsaw. (..) If we focused on the overall infrastructure plan for the next 10-12 years, except CPK, PKP PLK, GDDKiA, we are talking about 500 billion. It is worth considering the decisions that will be behind 500 billion investments – he said.

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“You need to reconsider what investments you should make”

– These investments need to be made, you just need to consider which investments best suit your needs. The point is not to oversize the infrastructure – he estimated. Malepszak stressed that he would reconsider the road program.

– We want to build roads in many places where the population is shrinking and the degree of motorization is the highest in Europe. At the same time, we want to modernize rail lines in the same places, often in the wrong way, leaving single-track sections and poor-capacity infrastructure, he estimated.

He pointed out that when planning investments, we should pay attention not only to issues such as demographics or the degree of motorisation, but also to the issue of transport sustainability.

– We are still at the stage of many declarations when it comes to balancing transport. It is said that we need to transfer goods on the tracks, and the number of passengers on the trains. If we look realistically at the bars and figures, road transport is constantly growing. However, rail transport cannot reach the ceilings it reached some time ago, Malepszak said.

Central communication port

The central communication gateway is a planned transfer hub between Warsaw and Łódź, which will integrate air, rail and road transport. As part of it, about 3 thousand ha is being built Solidarność Airport, which in the first phase will serve 45 million passengers per year. The CPK is being built with the construction of the necessary connections with the components of the rail and road network.

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