“After my mother died, my father took in 20 dogs. The house turned into a pigsty and we couldn’t afford to maintain them” – Taken from real life

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My parents loved each other very much. Although they had been married for almost half a century, they could not imagine their lives without each other. At family gatherings, they repeatedly said that they would like to die on the same day, at the same time, so that one would not have to miss the other. However, their wish did not come true.

4 years ago my mother died suddenly

She was preparing breakfast for Dad in the morning and a few hours later she was dead. infarction. Despite the best efforts of the doctors, it was not possible to save her. Dad was deeply affected by my mother’s death. He spent all his days in the cemetery and at night he looked at pictures from the past, and with tears in his eyes he remembered the times when they were together. I tried to cheer him up, to cheer him up somehow. A few years earlier, I had separated from my husband and returned to my childhood home. So I saw my father every day.

Unfortunately, Dad became more and more closed off, he didn’t want to talk to anyone, he didn’t want to meet anyone. Neither with me nor with my adult son, who came to visit on purpose from abroad. When we went downstairs to my father, he said he’d rather be alone and turned the key in the lock. It became clear that without the help of specialists he would not be able to cope with the loss, but he didn’t want to hear from any doctor. He said there was no need, that his life was meaningless. And just when I thought there was no salvation left for him, a breakthrough occurred.

It was less than a year after my mother died. I came back from work and knocked on my father’s door, as I do every day. I was sure he would mumble as usual to leave him alone. Surprisingly, he opened it and invited me in. I noticed he was excited.

you feel better – I was happy.

– What? Aaaa, yes… I think so. But that’s not the point. I have a surprise for you – he smiled mysteriously.

– Yes? What is this?

– See for yourself. Be quiet or he’ll be scared,’ he replied, leading me into the bedroom.

I peeked through the open door and was speechless. On the blanket, next to the bed, lay a small, very emaciated, red mongrel.

– Gee, where did you get it?

I found it in the cemetery, near my mother’s grave. He lay there and howled.

– You just took it, right? – I was surprised, because daddy didn’t like animals.

– What was I supposed to do? Leave him for dead?

– Of course not. But what now? – I wanted to know.

– How is it going? She stays with me! I’m telling you, it’s no accident that this little one ended up in the graveyard. It was your mother who sent it to me so I wouldn’t feel lonely!

– Then we have to buy him a bed, bowls, food. And take it to the vet – I decided and hugged my father; I was happy to see a smile on his face for the first time in months.

Pikuś, because that’s what my father called the find, turned out to be a great dog.

He never left his master a step

He was cheerful, playful, affectionate and caring. He had an incredible way of sensing Dad’s mood. When he was sad, he would jump on his lap and lick his face. And the sadness disappeared somewhere. Father has changed a lot under his influence. Already after three months his strength, old energy and joie de vivre returned.

– Look, if Pikuś had not been there, I do not know what would have happened to me – said my father one evening.

– And vice-versa. He was lucky you found him too I answered.

– You’re right. But there are so many homeless and hungry dogs that are not so lucky. It’s so unfair, he sighed.

I didn’t think my father had made up his mind at that moment…

He couldn’t leave them on the street

First, he brought home Reks, a German Shepherd. Someone threw him out of the car. He roamed our neighborhood, people chased him away. And finally he found his father. Then there were: the old man Kufel tied to a tree, the female Aza, so weak that she did not have the strength to walk, and another … They were all emaciated, abandoned. I didn’t protest at first. I like animals, I earn a lot, the house is big, with a garden, so I decided that apart from Pikuś we can take in two or three dogs. Especially since daddy was so happy with every rescued four-legged friend. But he kept bringing more. And he kept them all at home.

I suggested that at least some of them live outside. He didn’t want to hear about it. As a result, I spent all my free time sweeping away tons of sand and dog hair. When he brought the seventh dog, I couldn’t stand it.

“Dad, promise me it’s the last one,” I demanded.

– But why? He was surprised.

We can’t take good care of more animals.

Dad shrugged, so I reached for another argument:

The neighbors are already looking at us suspiciously. Recently, people even asked if we were not setting up shelters. Because if what, they will protest.

– So curious? He better not stick his nose into his business, or I’ll lose him! – Dad grumbled.

– Seriously, no more finds. Because there will be problems. Plus, it all costs money! – I warned.

“Okay, fine…” he surrendered.

But a few days later I saw another new tenant in the hall.

– Dad, you promised! – I got angry.

I didn’t have the heart to leave him on the street He replied with tears in his eyes.

Then I saw the tears and heard these words many more times. I wouldn’t upset my father. Especially because he was so happy with every rescued animal. Unfortunately, his goodness had bad sides.

Dogs have completely taken over our house

Where I looked, the dog’s face stuck out. Even from my wardrobe. But that wasn’t what worried me the most. I noticed that the animals were biting each other more and more as they fought for the master’s favor and for the lead. I was afraid that one day they would hurt themselves or even attack Dad. Each of them was a nice, calm and friendly dog. But in the herd, they were a threat. In addition, the neighbors began to panic. They were annoyed by the barking, they complained that dog food attracted rats, that there was an unpleasant smell coming from our garden.

I told my father everything, but he didn’t do much about it. He brought home more homeless animals. A year ago we already had twenty. I knew that if I didn’t react decisively, there would be more. But I felt powerless…

The neighbors eventually lost their temper. They came to us as a whole group and gave us an ultimatum: we will either get rid of some of the dogs or they will start complaining about us. And they will lead to all pets being taken from us. Dad got very angry.

– What am I supposed to do with it? Throw it on the street? He screamed.

No, but maybe we’ll find some new homes – I proposed.

– Who wants them? Nobody takes adult striped uniforms after their pass these days – argued my father.

“If we don’t try, we won’t find out,” I insisted.

“Okay,” he finally agreed.

In fact, I didn’t really believe in the success of our adoption campaign. Dad was right, people are reluctant to take adult dogs. They prefer to hide them from the puppy. Nevertheless, I took pictures of our most beautiful pets, described their history, uploaded them to social networks and waited. After two months, the first volunteer came to us. He took Reks, a German Shepherd. Dad asked him for a long time under what conditions the dog would live. As if he gave the child up for adoption! Fortunately, the man was very understanding. He even promised to email pictures of Reks so that Dad would be calm…

Then other adoptive parents appeared

In the following months, we managed to return as many as 15 dogs. At first, my dad had a lot of trouble with each breakup, but over time it got easier for him. I think he saw that the dogs would be happy in their new home. Now five dogs live with us: Pikuś, as well as the old Kufel, Misiek, Kapsel and Prymulka. Daddy doesn’t take any new finds home anymore. I think he realized that no matter how hard he tried, he wouldn’t save all the dogs. Instead, he got involved in helping a shelter for homeless animals.

He spends at least two or three hours a day there. He persuades people to take the dogs, tells how Pikuś brought him back to life. Guess what? It works because more and more dogs are coming up for adoption.

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