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Inspired by art, poetry and culture, these noble fragrances are blended with the world’s finest essential oils and absolutes. You can choose perfumes based on your favorite notes, such as citrus, earthy, floral, fruity, mint, spicy, smoked, spicy, woody or sweet. But also depending on your mood. LUSH perfumes are genderless, have minimalist packaging, ethical ingredients, premium essential oils and unique scents.

It all started in 1995 when Mark Constantine created Karma. To this day, it is an iconic fragrance that is constantly on sale. Musicians and LUSH perfumers have written volumes of history over the years. Each of them is an olfactory journey, which is a testament to a love for unique combinations in bottles.

Over the years, LUSH has opened 9 perfumeries around the world (including in Florence, the perfumery center) and offers as many as 47 fragrances.


Choose by ingredients and essential oils The best way to choose a fragrance is to stick to what you know. Search for your favorite ingredients to choose what you are sure to love.

Be guided by your mood, memories, occasion or emotions

Smell – more than any other sense – is related to memory, so some smells take you to specific places or times. They are usually associated with unique memories that you want to keep for a longer period of time.

The last ingredient is leather

Whichever scent you choose – perfumes are as individual as you are. Each spray smells different on different people’s skin. It is related to the microflora, which changes the balance under the influence of many factors. Therefore, the final smell is influenced by what we eat, our genes, our temperature, the natural smell of our bodies, the medicines we take and even the level of stress.



A relaxing, intense, spicy and citrus bestseller. It’s an ode to hippies, concerts and headshops, a trip to London in the 60s. A reminder of Kensington Market and incense floating between boxes of fresh oranges. This classic perfume from Lush reveals itself layer by layer. At the beginning there is some tangy lemongrass, sweet Brazilian orange oil, followed by soft notes of sweet patchouli to finish it off. For this, a drop of soothing lavender, elemi resin and acacia.


Spread this soothing scent of herbs and shrubs on yourself. You’ll feel magic happen as the refreshing citrus notes of Sicilian lemon with mandarin come together with soothing rosemary and sage. The scent of citrus permeates the herbs that lie close to the ground and is reminiscent of walks on damp dirt roads, past the warmth of fragrant hedges. The intriguing scent of blackcurrant completes the picture and gives a sweet character to this clean and earthy scent.

American cream

American Cream is inspired by the creamy milkshakes that were popular in American restaurants in the 1950s. Stop and feel this sweet, nostalgic vanilla strawberry scent. First you feel the notes of warm vanilla mixed with the sweetness of fresh berries. Then there’s a refreshing herbal aroma of sage and soothing lavender for a floral touch.

Lord of Misrule

This unique scent opens with an earthy and distinctly dark Sumatran patchouli oil, and the sweet and creamy vanilla absolute calms and softens the herbal aroma. To this comes a pinch of invigorating pepper to add a little spice and energy. This is definitely an amazing feast for the senses.


Shade is packed with wonderful essential oils that give it a warm, soothing scent. Sandalwood oil is sourced from protected and sustainable trees and then blended to give this fragrance a warm and woody note, while the oils of olibanum and guaiac wood finish it off with a touch of grounding and floral.


Imagine a refreshing flow and feel this fresh, energizing scent that everyone loves on your skin. Dirty is a multi-layered perfume made of sandalwood, tarragon and thyme. Sandalwood is an earthy, refreshing note that calms, invigorates mint green and lavender completes the fragrance with a floral and woody note. One pinch is enough to feel the strong notes of thyme, pepper, tarragon, oakmoss and refreshing neroli.


This decadent, sophisticated and long-lasting aroma will leave you hungry for more. It is made on the basis of natural vanilla absolute, ie a sweet product made from vanilla pods. It also contains a bit of floral jasmine mixed with a nice, burnt caramel. Thanks to the sweet tonka, Vanillary warms up and unfolds on the skin, creating an intoxicating aroma.


It’s practically unheard of for a perfume to be so sexy. Lust is a potent blend of rich florals and a warm, woody base that lasts for hours on the skin. It is a multi-layered fragrance composed of Pakistani jasmine, intoxicating ylang-ylang, delicate damask rose, vanilla and sandalwood, which also makes it undeniably sexy for you.

Rose Jam

This perfume perfectly captures the scent of sweet marmalade with rose scent. Rose Jam is made from delicate damask rose absolute, rose oil from Senir in Turkey, a touch of sweet Sicilian lemon and floral geranium oil. Spray this sweet, floral and slightly penetrating scent on your skin, leaving you smelling wonderful. 16:20 PLN 165/30 ml

Allow yourself to relax and unwind with CBD scents with earthy notes of sandalwood, oakmoss, juniper and patchouli. For a feel-good scent, spray it on your pulse points at 4:20 AM to feel the proverbial “reset.”

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