The Connoisseur’s Summer Festival is full of art

The Connoisseur’s Summer Festival is almost half way through, which means you can still take part in many diverse and creative events in the capital Praga-Północ. This year Center Praskie Koneser is the host polish festival Stand up (11-14.08) This is not only top-level humor, but also hot performances Daniel Midas, Antoni Syrek-Debrowski if Lives Minkiewicz. For four days there will be no shortage of laughter in Koneser Square and Butelkownia. The calendar of the event is as follows:

August 11:

  • 19.00-21.00 Cienqi Stand-up (Koneser Square)
  • 21.00-23.00 English Comedy Evening (Bottelkownia)

August 12:

  • 19.00-20.40 Outdoor stage “Koneser Stand-upu” (Koneserplein)
  • 21.00-22.00 Impromptu performance (Butelkownia)
  • 22.15-23.15 Crowdwork (the bottling plant)

August 13:

  • 19.00-20.50 Outdoor stage “Koneser Stand-upu” (Koneserplein)
  • 21.10-22.10 Festival ROAST BATTLE No. 22 (Bottling room)
  • 22.35-23.15 ROAST BATTLE PRO (bottling room)

August 14:

  • 18.00-21.30 Outdoor stage “Koneser Stand-upu” (Koneserplein)
  • 22.00-23.35 Story Evening (Bottling House)

Art at the highest level

In the first and second week of August, the participants are still waiting for four outdoor performances Oh-Theatre and The Polonia Theaterrun by the Krystyna Janda Foundation for Culture: old age is beautiful“(August 2, 6 p.m.),”2,000,000 steps“(August 4, 6 p.m.),”Szelmostwa by Lisa Witalis“(August 7, 6 p.m., for children) and”Flamenco passionate(August 9, 6pm). Interesting and diverse exhibitions are also available in Koneser’s post-industrial space:

  • Fantastic Art in Warsaw is an exhibition that heralded the activity of the Museum of Fantastic Art, completely new on the cultural map of Warsaw. More than 60 paintings can be seen during this exhibition not presented before wide audience, artists like Zdzislaw Beksinskic, Jerzy Duda-Gracze if Maksymilian Novak-Zemplinski. Tickets are available on and on site, until September 4;
  • Urban art area – it’s a great meeting with the biggest street performers. As part of this event, exhibitions in the Butelkownia (to August 4tickets for the price of PLN 35 are available at and, as well as on site) and at Koneser Square (free entry, to August 31th);
  • Sculpture Laboratory, organized by the ToTuart Gallery (free entry). It is the largest commercial review of sculpture in Poland. Until August 31, the works of the most prominent representatives of this art trend can be seen in the Workshop space;
  • Windmills field (Koneserplein, admission free, until August 31). It is a series of kinetic sculptures, prepared in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts. Władysław Strzemiński in Lodź. As part of the initiative, a total of 19 spatial compositions, raised to a height of 2 to 4 meters, will be presented;
  • “A drop of color – the colors of vodka” – an exhibition that brings the world of diversity in connection with the presentation of alcoholic beverages. Bottles and their colours, labels and shapes. This is an opportunity to look back and look to the future. The exhibition will be on display at the Boiler House Stage of the Polish Vodka Museum until August 21, and tickets are available at:
  • Faces of Warsaw. From Defilad Square to Koneser Square – an exhibition of the works of Łukasz Zedlewski, showing the landscape of the capital. There will also be landscapes of Śródmieście, Vistula banks and Centrum Praskie Koneser. The exhibition is free to enter from August 18.

During the holiday at Centrum Praskie Koneser, fans of the big screen will also find something for themselves – it goes on Festival Cinema Koneserie the Film Discussion Club in the cinema hall of the Polish Vodka Museum (free entrance, tickets required). Full-length productions are accompanied by short works presented as part of the On Art Festival. Mornings with Bolek and Lolek (every Saturday, 11.00-12.00), The Gallery of Illustrations and Comics (free entry).

Augustus in Koneser is also great music for young and old. A concert will take place on August 5 at Koneserplein – at 19.00 Danny Bruhl it will surprise you with acoustic arrangements of world classics (free entrance). On August 18, club music stars will perform on the Koneser stage – Novika & mr. Lex, and on August 23 – Joanna Mioduchowska and Krzysztof Tkaczyk (at 7 p.m.). Three days later (August 26, 4-7pm) something for the whole family – Baby Disco!

More information about the events of the Koneser Summer Festival can be found at:

Festival Connoisseur Summer in Warsaw

Koneser Praga Center is the most awarded mixed-use investment in Poland and the heart of the resurgent Warsaw Praga. Located on the site of a nineteenth-century vodka factory, it brought historic buildings back to life and created a new point on the capital’s entertainment, gastronomic, museum, cultural and shopping map. Here you will find many restaurants and bars serving food from around the world: AZIA, Bombaj Masala, Ferment Praski, Frankie’s, ORZO or Koneser Grill, as well as unique shops and Polish brands created by local producers, such as Centrum Twórcze Przerób- Mine. The publicly accessible Koneserplein, which is the core of the investment, is a venue for numerous exhibitions, fairs and various types of events and art exhibitions. Centrum Praskie Koneser is one of the most important places on the cultural map of Poland, with the Museum of Polish Vodka, the Museum of Fantastic Art, the Nova Ars Poloniae Foundation and extraordinary galleries: Art Sułek Space, House with Art, ToTuart, Leonarda Art Gallery and Zwierz.

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