Klaudia Halejcio reports on a trip to Turkey with her daughter romping in the plane (PHOTOS)

Klaudia Halejcio dynamic every day works as an influencer, eagerly documenting your life on Instagram. Since the celebrity and her beloved Oscar became parents little Nell, Klaudia likes to report on daily life within the walls of a villa for 9 million euros, sparing the onlookers with photos and videos starring her child. The 31-year-old is also happy to show fans the interior of the elegant mansion – she recently boasted, for example stylish bedroom.

Due to the current holiday period Klaudia Halejcio – like many other representatives of domestic show business – she went on vacation abroad. The celebrity on “girl vacation”, which she went with the company of female relatives, and little daughters Nel. Halejcio posted several shots on InstaStories on Monday, in which she immortalized the packaging process before departure. In addition to a few suitcases filled with clothes and other necessities, the celebrity and her companions outfitted themselves with some accessories that are perfect for family games. Halejcio, among other things, packed in a travel bag a water target and a volleyball, and even… a bow and arrow.

We come – she wrote cheerfully.

Before leaving the house, Halejcio and her companions celebrated their journey together toast, and then to the airport. Once there, Klaudia shared with fans who are popular on the internet the trick to put some clothes in a pillowcase – which prevents you from paying for excess baggage.

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Women’s holiday – it’s time to start! No one will know, but you know! – she wrote under the video, who parades across the airport with a pillow and then takes out a pile of junk.

By the way, the celebrity also posted some photos taken during the flight on InstaStories by happily immortalizing his daughter on board the plane. During the trip, little Nell was clearly in her element – the girl was interested in exploring objects within reach, playing with her loved ones, or pulling magazines out of her chair pocket. At some point, however, the child’s attention caught the child’s attention bottle of water and then there was a little accident. Little Nel because she squeezed the bottle too tight, to make that a stream of water shot into the air, to her apparent satisfaction.

So many attractions, and we haven’t reached it yet – commented on the adventures of Halejcio’s daughter.

Later, Halejcio reported to the fans, who were already there. It turns out that the celebrity will be spending the next few days in one of elegant hotels in Turkey. Shortly after arriving at the room, Klaudia decided to test the hotel bed by jumping on the mattress. There were also a few shots on her InstaStories, showing her where she stayed in all its glory.

The next day, the celebrity spoke to fans again, this time presenting the footage shot over breakfast. Shortly after, she published a short video on the internet in which… she mused over the cut of the bikini bottom.

I think they should include an instruction – she judged.

See how Klaudia Halejcio goes on holiday in Turkey.

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She’s trying to be funny, but it’s so pathetic! And those faces of hers, motheroo

A home loan does not pay for itself, you have to think about that

Irritating person who thinks he is hilarious. The more money, the less class.

baby face shown! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morning photos – we remember

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Rozenek is already on the attack

People stuff their clothes into pillowcases because they just don’t want to spend money on extra luggage. And this one has a lot of suitcases and pretends she needs this pillowcase? With what purpose? shyness

I always thought she was an intelligent and cool woman. Now it turns out to be an empty servant who thinks it’s funny

I’ve always wondered how much all these stars and celebrities pay for excess baggage when you see piles of suitcases…

And she spent a lot of money on this hotel, she pretends, Mrs. Grażynka is using it :-))

That this house would be burned down for them for 9 million

She makes faces like the Avocado Nikocado

Why is she always making such funny faces?

Does this child have D syndrome? I’m asking seriously. And her faces are embarrassing, tears, tongues loose… what a fashion

I recently flew with my kids and they were so fascinated that they barely said a word 😀 The return is easy too, they were tired of the intensive Spanish sightseeing

I think the poor people have this house. They can’t afford a jet????

I was browsing her insta Well…so much that will do but is it cool/funny? And so many people are watching it

Oh, these days unpopular celebrities are kicking out the boxes

Is there something wrong with my child that even if he is one and a half years old he would not endure such a journey, does every child love to travel on Instagram from the day they are born?

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