What does a holiday in an adults-only hotel look like? “No yelling or crying”

  • Hotels for adults are gaining more and more popularity, they are also appearing in Poland
  • – No screaming and crying children, splashing in the pool and running between the loungers – notes a user on the forum for travelers
  • Such hotels are chosen not only by couples or singles who do not have children, but also by people who already have or even have grown children, but have the opportunity to leave for a few days without their company
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How many tourists, so many ways and ideas to spend your vacation. The tourism industry is responsible for the needs of travelers and is opening more and more adult-friendly hotels. What does it mean?

Adult hotels are the facilities for which: children are not allowed. Age limit varies – some hotels allow people who are done staying overnight 16 years old, and only 21 year olds are allowed to enter the others. Although families can stay there (for example a child is 16 years old), the offer and infrastructure are not designed for the youngest. Attractions usually include: SPA, clubs, casinos and evening shows.

Why do tourists choose adult hotels?

The common thread of staying in adult hotels appeared on the tourist and traveler forums on social media. A very long and interesting discussion followed, as the opinions and experiences of Poland on this matter are very different.

Some people pay attention peace and quietwhich is difficult to experience if there are children in the hotel.

There was no screaming and crying from children, splashing in the pool and running between the sun loungers – notes one of the users.

– Some of their children are already grown and just want to rest. Quarrels with children in the cafeteria, what they eat or don’t eat is an unpleasant experience. I prefer tranquility, so I choose hotels for adults – writes another tourist.

However, one user states that the issue of peace is sometimes controversial, because in in adult hotels there is no shortage of party atmosphere. – When adults go on holiday without children, they drink a lot of alcohol and then it is not quiet at all – we read.

– Children scream because they are children and play carelessly, not because they are disgusted. Each of us was once a child (apart from the old little ones) – writes one of the group participants, adding that the adults-only or just families with kids hotel options are great options, but in her opinion a third option would also be helpful – without alcoholand therefore less screaming adults.

Tourists who had the opportunity to spend their holidays in this type of hotel point out that they felt out of season, during the school year, people who do not have children can pay for leave.

Tourist resorts, especially the largest, are known for their animations, shows and evening entertainment. We may not find such an offer in adult hotels – although it depends of course. Therefore, if you want access to this type of entertainment, it is worth checking out exactly what our facility has to offer before you travel.

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“Kids Free”. For whom?

According to tourist reports, such hotels are chosen not only by couples or singles who do not have children, but also by people who have already raised their children. There are also people who have offspring, but also the opportunity to leave for a few days without their company and rest among other adults. It is also an interesting option for those looking for honeymoon offers.

Not just the exotic. There are also more such objects in Poland

Such hotels or designated areas of adult facilities can be found in popular resorts – in Spain, Italy, Egypt, Turkey and Cyprus. Also distant destinations, such as Mexico and the Dominican Republic, have similar centers.

However, it is worth adding that There are more and more such hotels on the map of Poland. From the Baltic Sea to the Tatra Mountains, we will find great facilities as well as guest houses and agrotourism that are adult friendly.

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