We visited Croatia in the middle of the season. The crowds are the least of the problems [RELACJA]

  • We left by bus to Croatia from Krakow. The 16 hour journey was very tiring
  • In Zadar we were able to find housing for a decent price. A double room with private bathroom for two nights cost us about PLN 760
  • The beach in Zadar was full of tourists. The Polish language was heard almost everywhere
  • Visitors note that prices are not the lowest this season. “An ice cream every day, some cold drinks, something to eat, and it’s quite a lot of money.” Frankly, you have to be careful not to go bankrupt – admitted the Polish tourist
  • We paid about PLN 14 for a 0.33 l beer in a beach bar, pizza capricciosa in a restaurant costs about PLN 53, and for ice cream in the city center you have to pay about PLN 9.50 for one scoop
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You can get to Croatia from Poland in several ways. Many Poles choose to travel by car, which has many advantages – you can stop along the way – see the sights and then stop for the night to get some rest. This option is especially profitable when we run a team of several people and we can share the fuel costs. The distance between Warsaw and Split is about 1.5 thousand. kilometers; the journey takes at least 15 hours.

An additional option to travel directly from Poland to Croatia was a train from Krakow to Rijeka and Split, but the connection was not completed. Not everyone knows that there is still an option to travel directly from Poland to Croatia. From Krakow or Katowice you can travel to Zadar, Biograd na Moru, Vodice, Sibenik, Trogir and Split. We left from Krakow to Zadar, what took about 16 hours. and it was very tiring.

I went by bus from Krakow to Zadar – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

Nevertheless, many people, who also had Croatia as their destination, decided to use this means of transport. It is worth adding that the cost of the ticket varies depending on several factors. First, a pre-purchased ticket is cheaper. The second depends on the day of departure. If we want to go on the weekend we pay – about PLN 380. For a trip in the middle of the week we can buy a ticket for about PLN 100 less.

Example connection Krakow-Zadar on August 22 of this year.Example connection Krakow-Zadar on August 22 of this year. – Flixbus.pl

It is worth adding that currently when entering Croatia only an ID card or passport is required. There is no need to show a negative coronavirus test result or a covid certificate like a year ago.

Every year during the season there are posts on social media with information about extremely high accommodation prices in Croatia. Some people decide to book accommodation only on site or en route. We managed to find it decent value double room with private bathroom, one week before departure. Two nights cost us about PLN 760.

Accommodation in Croatia Accommodation in Croatia – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

The overnight stay was clean, cozy and equipped with air conditioning and wifi. An added advantage was the location – right next to the bus station. It took us a few minutes to walk to the nearest beach. When booking the accommodation we did not make a deposit and no deposit was required.

En-suite accommodation in Zadar Accommodation with private bathroom in Zadar – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

It is worth checking in advance the credibility of the person renting us an accommodation. Every year there are situations where the reservation is canceled at the last minute.

“We have been cheated on with the accommodation. We have been left on the street with a small child. We are in the car for 20 hours and are exhausted from apartment to apartment.”

– wrote one of the tourists on the Facebook group dedicated to Croatia.

“We are on our way to Croatia. We had booked an accommodation from July 31 to August 11, unfortunately we were cheated! The Lord rented our apartment from July 31 to August 4, and now he offers us a shelter without kitchen and bathroom and with a fan instead of air conditioning” – reads the next entry.

We expected to meet a lot of Poles on site, but we didn’t think so we will hear polish every step of the way. Already on the way to the beach we met a lot of Polish tourists. Approx. time. 11 there was no crowds on Kolovare beach in Zadar. It was easy to find a piece of free space.

Zadar beach around 9 amZadar beach around 9 am – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

However, hour after hour more and more sunbathers arrived and in the afternoon it became very crowded. On the first day of our stay, the temperature reached 37 degrees Celsius, so tourists eagerly took advantage of the sea baths. The water in the Adriatic was pleasantly warm, yet cooled.

Zadar beach at approx. 18Zadar beach at approx. 18 – Natalia Gomułka / Oneto

The weather disappointed us the next day. Despite the high temperature in the afternoon, when we just went to the beach, it turned cloudy and windy – everything indicated that a storm was on the way. However, we decided to take a walk to see if the weather had deterred the sunbathers. To our surprise, as many tourists rested on the coast as on the sunny day before.

The clouds did not chase the sunbathers away The clouds did not drive away the sunbathers – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

While strolling along the beach, we met a group of Poles resting and asked if the weather had deterred them.

“This is our last day in Croatia. We were in Split and Makarska for a few days and we were in Zadar for three days. We decided to spend the last day at the beach. Before that the weather was good for us always -” We have not encountered a single cloudy or rainy day. It is a pity that Zadar says goodbye to us with such an aura, but we are very happy with the holiday, as every year in Croatia, because it is our next year in a row here “- admitted a group of friends from Katowice.

Therefore we spent most of our time at the beach on the last day of our stay. From the morning the sun was shining and the temperature was above 30 degrees C. It was very difficult to find a free spot on the beach, but in the end we made it. We were surrounded on almost all sides by tourists from Poland. You could also hear German, Slovak and Czech.

The beach in Zadar is full of tourists The beach in Zadar is full of tourists – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

When it comes to the prices of attractions on the beach, renting a sun lounger for the whole day costs HRK 30, which is about PLN 19. Renting a kayak for two people per hour costs 160 kuna, or about 100 zloty, just like a water bike. To use the floating water park you have to pay 50 kuna, which is about 30 zloty for 30 minutes of fun.

We can also use the massage service on the beach. It costs 150 (about 94 PLN) to 300 kuna (about 190 PLN), depending on the type and duration of the massage.

Paid Beach ActivitiesPaid attractions on the beach – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

We decided to take advantage of one attraction – a pedal boat. We went to the booth to make a payment and met a Polish family. We asked which attractions they had already used and what they thought of the prizes.

“It was difficult to refuse the kids to play in the aqua park, although it is not a cheap thing. Now they have persuaded us to buy this bike. Ice cream every day, some cold drinks, something to eat and a lot of money collected. Frankly, you have to be careful not to go bankrupt. However, we save on meals by cooking them in the rented apartment. Sometimes we only go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner, but we have to admit that it is a considerable expense for a family of four admitted tourists.

We also discussed the cost with a tourist who came to Croatia from Gdańsk after a three-year break. “I came here by car. Without an overnight stay en route it would of course be difficult. I spent about 2,000 on the fuel alone. PLN, including the way back. Considering that I was traveling alone, it’s quite a big expense, but it was worth it”- admitted the vacationer.

Aqua park, pedal boats and canoes on the beachAquapark, pedal boats and canoes on the beach – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

We noticed that tourists often bring portable refrigerators and provisions to the beaches. While Social media groups dedicated to Croatia are teeming with photos of suitcases filled to the brim with food items. In contrast, while visiting a Croatian supermarket, we heard Polish several times. We have noticed that some compatriots make specific purchases, others buy individual products.

Some tourists use portable refrigerators Some tourists use portable refrigerators – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

What about food prices in restaurants? Many tourists who come to warm Croatia dream of drinking a cold beer in a beach bar. We decided to see how much it costs. For two 0.33l beers we paid 44 kuna, or about PLN 28.

Beer price in one of the beach barsBeer price in one of the beach bars – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

For a pizza in one of the restaurants in the center of Zadar we paid 84 kuna, or about 53 PLN. Interestingly, 1 liter of cola cost us more than the meal itself, a whopping 100 kuna (about PLN 63). For example, 0.25 liter of cola costs about 16 PLN. In total we paid 184 kuna for a dinner for two, ie about PLN 116. Of course it all depends on which restaurant you eat in. We tried to choose those that have good opinions on the Internet and at the same time are in the lower price range.

Lunch in one of the restaurants in Zadar Lunch in one of the restaurants in Zadar – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

If one wants to try the local cuisine, he usually has to consider more costs. Sea bass fillet with prawns cost us 179 HRK, which is about 113 zloty, and squid with chips from the kids menu was 65 kuna, or about 41 zloty. A glass of white wine costs 32 kuna (about PLN 20), and an alcoholic cocktail costs 52 kuna (about PLN 33). The price for a liter of water is HRK 30 (about PLN 19). The total cost of such lunch/dinner is HRK 358 (about PLN 226).

Local delicacies in the restaurant Local delicacies in the restaurant – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

The price for a scoop of ice cream on the beach and in the center costs 15 kuna, which is about PLN 9.50. So for two scoops of ice cream each we pay 61 kuna, which in PLN gives almost 40 zloty.

Ice cream prices in Zadar Ice prices in Zadar – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

On the other hand, in a supermarket for 250 g of margarine we pay 9.99 HRK, ie 6.30 PLN, for 200 g of cheese, 14.99 HRK, ie 9.45 PLN, for bread 6.99 HRK, ie 4, 40 PLN, and for 10 eggs HRK 15.99, or about PLN 10. So cooking can certainly be cheaper than eating out in restaurants.

Prices in the supermarket Prices in the supermarket – Natalia Gomułka / Onet

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