Tribalanga Festival – the seventh time in the meadow and in the forest at Goniądz

The Tribalanga Festival will start on August 4, 2022 near the town of Goniądz, near the Biebrza National Park, in the Natura 2000 area. – We are in the forest and in the meadow – remembers Joanna Sićko, one of the organizers of the well-known festival not only in Poland.

– Forest and nature are not necessarily conducive to organizing a festival for a larger number of people, so we have to put a lot more work into preparation than for festivals that take up more urban space – remembers Joanna Sićko, one of the organizers of the Tribalanga festival. That is why entrance to the festival site is paid. Because every time it requires infrastructure, electricity, drinking water and laundry at the campsite. And the artists themselves must somehow reach Tribalanga and be honored for their work. Creativity they present in harmony with Biebrza nature.

– The forest changes every year, nature changes every year, so it is also very difficult to create something permanent, especially now that nature is playing tricks – Joanna Sićko continues. – There are some strong winds, broken trees. Whenever we get to these areas after winter, something has to be repaired, reconstructed on one of the scenes or in another space in the forest.

For those who have already visited the Tribalanga festival, know that in addition to music scenes or a very diverse culinary offer, the festival space turns into an open-air art salon full of installations.

– We create new decorations, both here in Białystok and in the forest itself – reveals Joanna Sićko. – We use natural materials to create such a friendly, homely atmosphere. We create new spaces, new places.

All this so that the public could enjoy the music and their presence in the bosom of nature.

– We will certainly listen to DJ sets, live acts, concerts, there will also be music fusions, theater performances combined with music, happenings, workshops, lectures – announces Monika Jaczewska, one of the co-organizers of the Tribalanga Festival. – There will be a procession with elements of music and live drums, which will lead us to the Patchouli stage, where we will start the rest of the festival together. We will also have spaces for jam sessions where people can discover their own talents.

– When it comes to live nudes – we invited a few artists from abroad, and also from Poland – continues Monika Jaczewska. – We have prepared two music scenes – Patchouli, which our participants already know very well. Tribal, atmospheric, where there is a place by the fire, we sit on carpets and dance. The second phase is called Sol – since this year we are creating a space that looks like a civilization rising after the fall. There will be a lot of sand, mesh, metal and electronic music.

– At the Tribalanga festival we will present different styles of music of widely understood electronics in the notes of ethnika, tribal, there will be trance for sure, goa trance, a little tribal techno – says Monika Jaczewska.

– The festival is generally divided into three spaces: the first is Patchouli with such more pleasant, enveloping music – adds Joanna Sićko. – Second – Sol, where the music is more technical, to be liberated, to dance. The third space is Nomad – a roaming space where we gather all the exhibitors, restaurants and a tent where workshops will take place. It is a place where you can feed your wandering mind and see different flavors from the world – what people bring us. Among other things, there is the zone of exhibitors who bring various clothes, handicrafts from all over the world, instruments. Likewise, when it comes to the kitchen, you can taste different flavors there and satisfy your mind as it is certainly a pleasant space. There is a sauna there – you can regenerate, calm down, calm down.

– There will be handicraft workshops – for example, micro-macrame, ie weaving jewelry from fine materials, there will also be tribal body painting, where one of the participants will be completely painted – from A to Z and will have a so-called soul portrait – announces Monika Jaczewska. – There will be plant workshops, there will be movement workshops related to therapy through movement, there will also be yoga. There will be many lectures – including the art of loving. Girls from Białystok will talk about the energetic differences between a woman and a man, it will also be about intimate communication between partners, nowadays it will also be about quality listening. There will also be a walk – a forest bath with elements of the Japanese shinrin-yoku technique. We have also established a great partnership with theaters this year. There will be some dance theater performances from the Tri-City and Pozna. In addition, we have also prepared such interactive happenings for our participants – for example singing folk songs together and also such a procession of the Band of Rejw Brothers.

– Tribalanga is a very spontaneous festival and we often can’t plan everything – emphasizes Joanna Sićko. – Last year we had a small technical problem, which caused two artists, the Rejw brothers from Białystok, to play offstage – right next to them in the forest. All the people followed, a kind of show was put on. Our friends got married in Tribalanga last year. This procession, this accordion, gathered everyone. Together we did the whole meadow, at the end we met in one place and it ended with this wedding. This very spontaneous event caused a huge sensation. Such a wedding procession with accordion is very much associated with Podlasie! It worked out well in such an atmosphere. We came up with this idea, which came out by accident and decided to refine it more and add a few more elements so that our tribalang election would become an annual legend and look nice and very official.

– We will add to our procession a mechanical chicken, made by Łukasz Puczko of Art of Nation, which will be more than 2 m high, 1.60 m by 1.8 m – reveals Monika Jaczewska. – Inside it will be controlled by Łukasz herself, it will be possible to communicate with her. The hen will be able to run 12 km per hour.

The youngest have their own space – we made them a forest house, where they are looked after by animators who have different attractions for them. We plan small theater performances for children. The forest creates such a pleasant atmosphere that you don’t have to create too much for them. Children feel really free, at ease and there are no problems with them. It’s safe, so they take care of themselves.

– We cordially invite you all – everyone will find something for themselves there – offer Jaczewska and Sićko. – Bring your instruments, bring your mates, partners or come alone – you will not stay alone in Tribalanga. See you on August 4 at 19, at the beginning of Tribalanga.

Małgorzata Turecka spoke to the organizers.

Prepared by: Jerzy Doroszkiewicz

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