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Croatia is a beautiful country that, in addition to perfect beaches, also offers a unique culture, tasty cuisine and many unique attractions. It is therefore not difficult to be surprised by the crowds of tourists who get into their cars every year and make a long and tiring journey to enjoy the beauty of this country. However, it is worth remembering a few important things during the ride.

The Polish consul in Croatia is the hero of internet users

A consul guide is regularly published on the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Zagreb, in which a Polish diplomat reminds of important aspects of a trip to Croatia. However, these messages are unique because classic information is supplemented with a healthy dose of good humor.

On Friday 29 July, the consul focused on car travel. The list of tips includes: providing enough water for the duration of the trip. “Bring plenty of water and sesame seeds – it’s easier to wait if you don’t feel like drinking” – read the press release. The entry also recalls fuel reserves. “Have enough fuel (electricity) – if you’re in a traffic jam, don’t refuel – by the way, we greet the driver from Finland who drove Tesla to Dubrovnik (I wonder how long he drove) – added the consul.

There are many more advices from the consul (original spelling):

  • have a spare cash with you in case the payment terminals don’t work, your bank has a technical glitch, etc – don’t try to convince it it’s in the 21st century… just have spare cash;
  • be patient – nerves (or consuls) won’t rush anything anyway, but you’ll just distract and the clash is over
  • if you need roadside assistance, please check your insurance (Assistance) first, as there is a good chance that you will solve the problem faster and cheaper by contacting your insurer. If you fail you can call HAK: +385 1 1987 – their vehicles are clearly marked. Beware of scammers who offer quick and cosmically expensive help, which will eventually fail.

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A new bridge in Croatia has been opened. It immediately became a tourist attraction

In his entry, the consul also recalls that the bridge connecting the Pelješac peninsula with the northern part of Croatia has been open since July, eliminating the need to travel to Dubrovnik via Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, the representative of Polish diplomacy added that the crossing quickly became a tourist attraction, so if travelers want to avoid traffic jams, they should consider using the “old route”.

Incidentally, the consul added that the rules on the bridge are the same as on any other highway, which is why, among other things, it is forbidden to stop and take a selfie with fantastic background views. The entry also reminds you to obey the speed limits as there is a speed camera on the bridge. “The Pelješac peninsula with the northern part of Croatia,” the consul added jokingly.

The embassy also reminds you that while it is important to keep animals safe when traveling, it is not a good idea to pet everyone. “Take care of our smaller brothers: feed, drink, protect from heat – but refrain from closer contact with any animal you come across – pet a grass snake that turned out to be a viper (like a few days ago) or a beautiful spider can not finish well” – it is written.

Why is the message in this form and not in another form? In the submission, the embassy emphasizes that it contains information that is important for tourists, and thanks to the fact that it is offered in a “lighter form”, because travelers absorb it better this way.

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