They didn’t rob them because the neighbor was on watch. Thieves are still waiting for our houses

Police officers in Ostrołęka are looking for perpetrators of burglary in two single-family houses that recently took place in our town and poviat. There are many indications that the thieves are still active and making burglary attempts. We have reached a person who – all clues are – could be another victim of thieves. It wasn’t, thanks to an observant neighbor.

We have learned from police reports and “word of mouth” that thieves have recently attempted to rob houses in our area. How do thieves work? It turns out that they can affect many systems in the home. The example of our interlocutors shows this.

“Appointed” with the absent

The family living in our area was away from home, but was planning to come back from vacation. The owner of the house tried to turn on the air conditioning via an app. – Strange because the app I’m using just logged me out and I couldn’t log in. A message appeared that the password was incorrect.

He repeated the procedure for the air purifier – with the same result. Nothing worked, including the alarm over the GSM network. – Even if there was a situation where there was no electricity and the wifi was turned off, it indicates that the device is not available. And here it told me to login – it tells us.

When the owner came home, a neighbor pointed out to him that suspicious people were hanging around the property.

There were two boys about 30 years old. They stood against the fence and couldn’t see my neighbor. He approached them and asked how they could help. They replied that “we have an agreement with this country”

This increased the vigilance of the neighbor who knew that the homeowners can’t make an appointment with anyone, because they are currently in a different place. He told the two men that the owners “would be back in a minute” because they had gone to the store. They replied that they would wait in the car and left. A few hundred yards away, at the end of the road, was a parked bus. They got in and drove off.

It wasn’t an accident. “They looked at the estate”

The homeowners called the police. However, there was even more surprise when they tried to check the security camera. It turned out that the image on it is heavily distorted, although the camera worked flawlessly before that.

I turned the webcam on and off and… it started working fine – tells us the owner of the house. When he wanted to check the surveillance from the moment he left, the memory card only showed recordings of the hour the suspects left the house. Previous recordings have disappeared from the card.

There was nothing. Strange, because she always keeps recording six hours backwards and there was nothing. When the policeman saw the whole situation, he immediately told us that they had a jammer.

It turns out that the moment when the suspect men chose to “meet” the absent members of the household was not accidental.

They looked at the whole estate, because it was so harmonious that there were only people in two houses in the whole estate, they all left. They waited for my neighbor to leave. They also thought my neighbor wasn’t home because they saw his wife leave. They just thought there was no one on the estate – concludes our interlocutor.

Police: don’t forget to alarm and lock the door

The police are calling on residents to report suspicious persons and cars that are aimlessly near our houses or blocks to the police. – Every time, the police officers will come to the scene and check the intentions of such people – informs Kom Tomasz Żerański. These types of reports can be submitted completely anonymously, directly to the police officers on duty in Ostrołęka at the telephone number 47 704-14-24.

A police spokesman in Ostrołęka added:

It is also extremely important to activate alarm systems during the day, for example when we go to the store, even if only for a moment. Good protection against burglary is also an alert neighbor who keeps an eye on things in our absence.

“We should also remember to lock the door with a key, even if the whole family is at home or in the apartment,” Commissioner Żerański recalled.

Very often, when we are at home during the day, the door locks of our houses are open. We must be aware that among criminals there are also those who want to take advantage of our carelessness. Offenders can walk up and down stairs and check which apartment is open. When they find such, they quietly enter the hall or other rooms and take valuables with them, and we realize that they will be lost even a few hours after the incident.

The above situation shows that the matter is serious and that it is necessary to take it completely seriously. It is worth protecting yourself, being vigilant and paying attention to suspicious people. Licho is awake and – as you can see – using more and more innovative methods.

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