The mayor is waiting for a pedestrian crossing project at Primary School No. 7, and the poviat has already painted the crossing

Jarosław City Council has twice rejected Marcin Nazarewicz’s application for the allocation of 10,000. PLN to the sidewalk to the planned passage at primary school No. 9. The mayor of Paluch and his deputy Pirożek for a long time explained that they were waiting for the project of the transition of the district office. Meanwhile, the poviat, not looking back on the clashes of the city, likes and dislikes, a few days after this session not only the project, but also the transition itself.

Councilor Marcin Nazarewicz, who is the chairman of District Council No. 7, has long tried to pass primary school No. 7. As he said, there was an accident at this school last year, where a car collided with a group of children with a teacher. Since the school is located on Łazy Kostkowskie Street, a district road, the councilor also spoke about this need with the starosaw of Jarosław. As Marcin Nazarewicz said at the last session of the Jarosław City Council, the poviat gave a positive opinion on the idea of ​​building a pedestrian crossing there, but the condition is that the city has a small fragment of a sidewalk on the municipal plot that would lead to this intersection to connect it to a bus station.

What have you done about this?

When Marcin Nazarewicz asked the mayor when this issue would be resolved (as he emphasized, it should be done before the start of the school year, because it concerns the safety of children), Mayor Waldemar Paluch asked what he himself had done in this matter. . – You were with Mr. Strzępek at the district office. What did you find out? Has the staros already completed a construction project? Did he order a transition on a poviat road? the mayor asked. Nazarewicz replied that he had met the staroste last year in the company of the staff of Primary School No. 9. After six months, in which nothing happened, the staroste called the commission again, from the work that it appeared that the passage would be provided that the pavement was made by the office city, on a municipal plot.

It’s not worthy of a mayor

– You may not like me, but little children go there. The car collided with a group of children with an educator! – Councilor Nazarewicz appealed. Mayor Paluch replied with a question about what Nazarewicz was doing in this case as the chairman of the District Council No. 7, so that there would be an intersection on the district road. He added that there is a statement from the city that if there is a design of a passageway, the sidewalk will be created. – You have to start with the design. Rules, by default! – said Waldemar Paluch.

Councilor Mariusz Walter said that if this school were to move to another district, the matter would be settled immediately. – But that these kids go to school in the no. 7 district, they can wait, with an excuse, – ironically. Nazarewicz added that in his opinion the mayor had found a reason why he would stop the creation of this passage. – This is not an attitude worthy of the mayor of the city, the head of primary schools – emphasized Marcin Nazarewicz.

Council did not support Nazarevich’s motion

The discussion about a small stretch of sidewalk that would allow the location of the passageway near the school has been long, although it may seem strange. The mayor asked if they wanted to build a sidewalk to nowhere and again reminded that it was a poviat road so the poviat had to make the crossing. Therefore, Marcin Nazarewicz has made an official application for the transfer of 10,000. PLN for the construction of a sidewalk at primary school No. 9. Again, this time Deputy Mayor Wiesław Pirożek explained for a long time why the city cannot perform this task before the project of the staros. – Let the staroste make a move. Very short. The project of the elevated passage may cost 15 thousand. zloty. And we will do our best – he said.

Marcin Nazarewicz argued that securing 10 thousand. PLN on this sidewalk is not bad. But anyone who thinks that the majority of councilors will support his motion is wrong. Only 4 councilors (Marcin Nazarewicz, Wiesław Strzępek, Witold Duszyński and Mariusz Walter) were in favor of securing these 10,000. PLN for the sidewalk to go. 7 were against (Magdalena Cisek-Skiba, Krzysztof Kiper, Sebastian Kogut, Bożena Łanowy, Jolanta Makarowska, Monika Więckowska and Agnieszka Wywrót) and 5 abstained (Dorota Batiuk-Jankiewicz, Wanda Czerwiec, Piotrcz. Piotrz Kozak.

Mayor: You insisted on one thing and that’s it!

Nazarewicz made no secret of the fact that this result of the vote surprised him. But he persisted and tried again to request a transfer of 10,000. PLN for this sidewalk to the passage at primary school no. 9, this time from a different source. In turn, the mayor of Paluch demanded that the councilor clarify the application. – From where, this and this kilometer to this and that kilometer. That you take responsibility for what you want to do – he said. – You have no arguments. The Lord insisted on one thing and that was it – he added. The mayor explained that he sees no reason to bet money if there is no project. Councilor Nazarewicz replied that the executive body was the mayor and that he should carry out the project, and the council indicated where the money should be spent. – I’m just an ordinary councilor asking for help from the residents, and you’ve been trying to torpedo it for an hour so it doesn’t happen – he said. Both Councilor Wanda Czerwiec and Vice-President Wiesław Strzępek reminded the mayor that the councilor is not responsible for the design and details and that the lot number in the application is completely sufficient. – If you believe that the observatory is passive, then you should be active – said the councilor June, recalling that this issue is about the safety of children.

But this time too, Nazarewicz’s application was rejected. There were 5 people behind (Czerwiec, Duszyński, Kozak, Nazarewicz, Strzępek), against 6 (Łanowy, Cisek-Skiba, Batiuk-Jankiewicz, Makarowska, Więckowska and Wywrót) and Piotr Baran abstained.

City Hall translates

After the session, we asked the town hall if there was a problem and why this pavement could not be made, as it would be a prerequisite for the passage at the school. – The building of the primary school no. 9 is located on the neighborhood road and it is up to the road manager to guarantee the safety of pedestrians, for example by making a crossing. It is the owner/manager of the road who orders the development of the project together with the organization of traffic within the carriageway. However, should it become apparent during the design process that, for example, a sidewalk would not fit into the boundary of the roadway, the mayor of the city of Jarosław would have agreed much earlier to use the municipal plot next to this road for the construction of a sidewalk – replied Iga Kmiecik, press spokesman for Jarosław Town Hall.

The best point in this story is:

A few days after this session of the city council, in which there was a long discussion about what could and could not be done, not only the transition project (which the mayor was working on) appeared, but also the transition itself! County officials, not considering whether or not the city would want to build a sidewalk, simply painted stripes on the road past the school. As you can see, someone still cares about the safety of the residents, especially students who are going to school there in a little over a month.


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The mayor is waiting for a pedestrian crossing project at Primary School No. 7, and the poviat has already painted the crossing . If you think a comment should be removed, you can report it via the ‘report’ link.

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