Summer sleeper. Which cosmetics should you choose to perform well during the summer heat?

Summer sleepers. Is it necessary to change the cosmetics with the season?

Summer foundation? Many women are still convinced that change is not necessary. However, the truth is that when the temperature outside rises and we look forward to vacation, it becomes increasingly difficult to spend time on boring preparations to go outside. Everyday make-up becomes a torment when, under the influence of heat, all cosmetics “run” from the skin and smear unsightly. How to deal with such a situation? First of all, it is worth turning your ordinary foundation into a summer foundation. Unfortunately, yes. Cosmetics that work well in the fall or winter won’t necessarily perform well in hot weather. And it has long been known that the success of the entire makeup depends on a good foundation. What should be the basis for the summer? It must be a cosmetic:

  • easy to apply,
  • with a light consistency,
  • protects the skin from UV radiation
  • intensely moisturizing.

How do you choose a foundation for your face? This method will help you find the perfect shade

A light foundation for the summer. What does it mean?

What should you pay attention to when choosing the right foundation for the summer? As with other foundations, let’s pick the right shade first. It should not stand out too much from our skin, it should match the color on the rest of the body. Illuminating foundations that give the face a radiant glow and cleverly mask the shadows under the eyes will work well in this situation.

Summer foundation should be a highly moisturizing cosmetic. In summer, our face is mainly exposed to drought caused by external factors such as the sun, but also wind. It is then especially important to ensure the correct hydration of the skin, which makes it look healthy, elastic and tight.

For optimal skin condition, it is worth investing in a light summer foundation. The non-toxic formula of the cosmetic reduces the risk of pore clogging and the formation of unsightly blackheads. In addition, the light foundation affects the face less, adapts better to the skin and does not run off due to sweat and high temperature.

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Perfect skin without foundation? This is how you even out your complexion

Foundation with filter – an absolute must in summer care!

Sun protection in the summer is extremely important. Each of us is aware of the influence of harmful UV radiation on the development of skin diseases, including the most serious, such as melanoma. It is therefore extremely important when choosing a summer foundation to pay close attention to whether it offers the so-called Sun Protect Factor, ie whether it offers protection against solar radiation. Most foundations and BB and CC creams have such protection. The filters used in the sleepers are different. The weakest in the order of SPF 6 appear, but also strong SPF 50 filters, especially recommended for people with very fair skin exposed to sunburn.

Foundation for summer 2022. What should you pay attention to when choosing a new cosmetic?

Foundation for summer 2022 has been on sale for several weeks. However, if you have proven cosmetics from previous seasons, it is worth getting tested products. This allows you to reduce the risk of irritation or allergies, which is high when testing a new cosmetic, especially if you have particularly sensitive skin.

How do you choose a foundation?How do you choose a foundation for your complexion? Our tips will hit the jackpot!

Summer foundation: ranking

Drugstores offer a wide variety of undercoats. Therefore, to make it a little easier to choose the right foundation for the summer, take a look at our subjective ranking of foundations.

  • Rimmel, Lasting Radiance, the foundation provides UV protection at the level of SPF 25, has ingredients responsible for moisturizing dry skin. It is a foundation with brightening properties – it contains shiny particles.
  • Bourjois, Healthy Mix, a foundation that provides optimal coverage while maintaining a pleasant light texture. It contains many natural plant extracts that nourish and improve the skin.
  • Loreal, True Match, a foundation that harmonizes perfectly with the skin, with a light consistency. The foundation has brightening properties, so it gives the skin a beautiful color while at the same time staying on and not requiring frequent touch-ups.

It’s also worth considering taking one of the recommended BB or CC creams, which offer a little less coverage but have excellent conditioning properties in return.

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