How to pay a fine from abroad?

You have already forgotten to go abroad, until one day you receive a letter reminiscent of a recent trip. An unexpected letter that turns out to be a card. Did you have the right to be punished for a traffic violation outside Poland? Yes of course. Even a decade ago, drivers wondered if it made sense to pay a fine from abroad or if they were better off just ignoring it. However, the European Union has been developing a cross-border system for the transmission of data on drivers who break traffic rules for some time now. The enforcement of fines has also improved. The days of impunity for drivers abroad are over. National Information Points very efficiently find and provide entities with the data needed to identify the owner of a car that has broken the rules abroad. Sometimes a mandate from abroad arrives after just a few days.

A fine abroad – how do we get it?

In a situation where we exceed the speed limit abroad and are stopped by the police, it will usually be necessary to settle the fine on the spot. However, when the violation is registered by the speed camera, a notification of the violation will be sent to us in the form of a registered letter. We will also find out about the amount of the fine, the payment procedures and we will receive information on how to appeal under the law of the country of origin. EU law has regulated language issues, but is not mandatory. A foreign mandate can go to a Polish court and be recognized and sent for execution. It is worth remembering that in many countries, the longer we delay the regulation of the fine, the more it will increase.

How to pay a fine from the Czech Republic?

In the event that we are caught by a speed camera in the Czech Republic, we will receive a notification letter of a violation requesting that we pay a fine in Czech crowns. The payment term is 15 days, but is not calculated as in the case of Polish official letters. You should read the letter carefully and if it is in Czech, it is better to contact the authority sending the payment order. In the Czech Republic, fines for breaking traffic rules are relatively high – for example, in the case of speeds up to 5 km/h, the rates start from CZK 1,000. If it is 50 km/h, the fine can be up to CZK 10,000, ie more than PLN 1,900. But how do you pay a fine from the Czech Republic in practice? Preferably by electronic transfer of the “our” type, the recipient’s account number should be stored in the international IBAN format.

How to pay a fine from France?

The policy of punishing road pirates in France is extremely restrictive. If a foreigner is arrested for committing a traffic violation, the police or gendarmerie may keep the driver’s papers until the fine has been dealt with, thus preventing further driving. If the speed exceeds 40 km/h, the driver may lose the driving licence. Speed ​​cameras in France are practically everywhere. France, by investing in modern and highly efficient speed cameras, is easily lurking for road pirates. The devices can also reach speed limits of up to 1 km/h. Of course there is a margin of error in the measurement of 5 km/h at speeds up to 100 km/h and 5% above 100 km/h. This may seem like a very gentle approach for drivers, but the services in France do not provide any exceptions to this rule. France considers speed cameras as an investment in safety. As for the amount of fines, it is very expensive, in addition, if we exceed the payment term, the amount of the obligation increases. For example, we were fined 45 euros, of which the payment term is 15 days, but in the event of a delay, the amount can rise to 180 euros. The offender of a traffic violation will receive a letter with the fine. In addition, two forms are included with the package: Instructions for paying the fine and the application form for exemption from payment. The fine from France can be settled in many ways, via a smartphone and a special application for paying fines and a simplified version of the website. You can also pay in person at the office Center des finances publiquesif we are located in France. Of course we can also transfer the money by regular bank transfer, but the title must be exactly the same as in the letter you received. Otherwise, the fine from France will not be paid.

How to pay a fine from Italy?

In Italy, as in France, we cannot count on low tolls for traffic offences. We can get two kinds of tickets. Direct ticket, ie to be paid immediately after the event. However, in some cases, the police may agree to pay 25% of the value of the fine, and the remainder of the fined driver may be settled by bank transfer. A standard ticket in Italy is usually issued when you exceed the speed recorded by a speed camera. It will be sent to the offending driver’s registered address. The standard authorization must be served in the form of a registered letter within 90 days. Then we have 60 days to settle the fine, if we don’t do so within the stipulated period, the fine can even double. The mandate fee is quite transparent. At speeds of up to 10 km/h, we have to take into account a fine in the range of 39-159 euros. How to pay a fine from Italy? The easiest way is via online transfer, because the fine must be settled in euros, the payment will not be a problem.

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