Contract for a project to modernize a railway to the border

Shorter journey times, more efficient freight transport and better access to trains – this presupposes the modernization of the railway lines 408 and 409 leading from Szczecin Główny to the state border. The contract to prepare design documentation was signed on Monday.

“The implementation of investments related to the expansion of infrastructure, mainly access to and from Szczecin, is a process that has been underway for many years. Accelerating the functioning of the ports of Szczecin-Świnoujście is of great importance”- said Marek Gróbarczyk, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Infrastructure, during a press conference on Monday.

He added that port-related investments are important for the country’s energy security. “We are assessing the possibilities of the functioning of the ports very well today and it seems that we can cope with this task” – said the Secretary of State. “The execution of these tasks is based on the (rail) lines 408 and 409, the next phase is, of course, Nadodrzanka, which will be modernized – all this is mainly to improve access to the West Pomeranian Voivodeship” – he continued.

As noted by Piotr Majerczak, Member of the Board of Directors of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA, the investment includes the modernization of 27 km of track, the construction of a track on the Szczecin Główny – Szczecin Gumieńce section, the electrification of approx. 17 km track, but also the construction of three new stops (Szczecin Pomorzany Południowy, Warzymice, Przecław), the station in Kołbaskowo, where the agglomeration trains will end and the reconstruction of the Szczecin-Gumieńce station, which will receive trains with a length of 750 m.

The West Pomeranian Voivode, Zbigniew Bogucki, admitted that this is an important investment for the development of the region. “On the one hand – ports must continue to benefit from distribution, transport and great if it is a railway, but it is also a matter of tourism, because in addition to the maritime industry, our region is a tourist region and every connection is extremely important, including at the state border “- he said.

The section of the railway line No. 409 Szczecin Gumieńce – state border will be electrified in accordance with the agreement between PKP PLK and DB Netz AG as part of the cooperation in the development of the railway connection Berlin – Szczecin.

According to PKP PLK, as part of the investment, the intention is to build collision-free intersections instead of the existing level crossings, including along ul. Cukrowa in Szczecin and along the road Przylep – Ostoja – Rajkowo – Szczecin. In exchange for a ride at ul. Cukrowa, the construction of a railway viaduct, a passage under the railway and the reconstruction of parallel roads are planned.

“In order to increase the comfort of travelers and the possibility to accept and direct more trains, it is planned to build a single-sided platform No. 5 at the Szczecin Główny station. The platform will support agglomeration traffic on railway No. 408 (direction Szczecin Gumieńce) and No. 406 (direction police) The new platform will be located on track No. 12a, at the level of platform No. 4 “- was mentioned. As it was added, the extension of the existing pedestrian bridge is also planned.

The contractor for the design work, financed from the company’s budget, worth nearly PLN 9 million, is Databout Sp. z oo Completion of the design work and the start of construction work is scheduled for mid-2024, PKP informed PLK. The completion of the works on the railway line No. 409, adjacent to the German side, is planned by the end of 2025.

Completion of the entire project is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2027. “The implementation of the investment will depend on the availability of funds under the new financial perspective, rules and criteria for the use of EU financial instruments” – added.

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