A car for long journeys, ie we are going for a long one

A car for a vacation or just for a long trip should have a large suitcase, little smoking, comfortable and safe. If these criteria are taken seriously, then the selection of the most interesting models will turn out to be completely contrary to current trends.

We are going on vacation. A long distance awaits us with family and a pile of parcels. Which car will work best? Most of us will probably say that large SUVs, preferably hybrid. They will be fashionable, they will be eco and they will… Well, not necessarily in line with what we dreamed of.

Because the truth is that station wagons were built with the family and travel in mind, and then minibuses a little later. In addition, fuel-efficient diesel engines are most often mentioned for long distances. Together with a large fuel tank, we have cars with a very long range on one fill-up. The latter feature excludes plug-in hybrids (ie charged from the mains, with large batteries), as the batteries require the use of smaller fuel tanks and thus limit the maximum range.

Minibus for the maximum road

Is it possible to buy classic minivans nowadays? Most manufacturers have already withdrawn such cars from the offer, but you can still find real rarities and this – because they are already old-fashioned models – at very reasonable prices. As for today.

The most classic of the classic minivans is the Volkswagen Sharan, produced since 2015, but modified many times since. Unfortunately, the recent changes have meant that the range no longer includes the excellent TDI diesels – strong and economical, but … out of fashion. There is only one engine: a 1.4 petrol engine of 150 hp, a little too weak for a car of this size. However, if you drive slowly, it can be economical and burn approx. 7 l/100 km on the route (but not on the highway and not with a full load), which in turn, with a fuel tank of 70 liters, theoretically allows you to to drive 1000. kilometers. In practice, however, it will be difficult.

The problem is, there’s nothing left to replace Sharan. We used to have many great models from France to choose from, and even the iconic Chrysler Voyager. Today, the only alternative to Sharan is the Ford Galaxy, which in turn is only available in the hybrid version, which, however, turns out to be quite economical despite the use of a 2.5 petrol engine. Fuel consumption will be even lower than in the weaker Sharan (the Ford drive has 190 hp in total), but the range will be comparable. Of course, both minivans are models that we have known for years and have been appreciated by us for a long time. Both have very spacious interiors, huge trunks and allow the transport of up to seven people (although the luggage space then decreases considerably).

So is there a more traditional family diesel model? Yes! But one. It is a Volkswagen Touran, a car that is slightly smaller than the Sharan. It is a compact minivan, which, however, in the version with one of the two diesel engines (2.0 TDI – 122 or 150 HP) actually belongs to the group of very economical cars. With a quiet ride on country roads (about 90 km/h) you really get the result of 4.5 l/100 km in this car. In such circumstances, a fuel tank of 58 liters is sufficient for more than 1,000 liters. kilometers! On the highway, fuel consumption increases, but this is a change of about 1 liter per 100 km and therefore a small change. In addition, the Touran has a trunk of 834 liters and since it is not a fashionable SUV, it can be bought for …

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