We drove: MP3 530 Exclusive, Beverly 400 S, Medley 125 S – scooter overview after Piaggio Week #Operation Summer 2022

As part of the Piaggio week we rode three totally different but positively surprising scooters. We have also agreed with you to eat an Italian pizza with a large group!

As part of Operation Summer, we have intensive engine testing for you, lots of videos, photos and encounters. We divided the entire project into five brand weeks. We encourage you to follow us on social media (Fan page on FB and profile on Instagram), and there we communicate about other attractions, such as joint meetings and trips, as well as the #OperacjaLato @ motogen.pl COMPETITION! You can win a Schuberth C5 helmet, InterMotors/4Ride vouchers, a Motul backpack with motorcycle chemicals, TRW pads and many other gadgets.

The past week has been Piaggio week. Thursday we got together in the center to have a nice, tasty Italian pizza – pictures below. Thanks for being! Such encounters give us a positive energy boost! In addition, we tested some interesting Piaggio vehicles:

Piaggio Beverly 400 S – Why do motorcyclists need a scooter? 7 reasons! [FILM TYGODNIA PIAGGIO]

For riding a scooter Piaggio Beverly 400 S. you need at least an A2 driver’s license so it’s not suitable for a driver’s license like a 125. But it has over 35hp so it’s really fast. In addition, it has a large luggage space. Theoretically, it is a vehicle for a motorcyclist who already has track equipment, or a tourist … But why do you need a scooter? There are 7 reasons in the video!

A short review of the Piaggio Beverly 400 S

Before we even made the feature film about Beverly 400 S, we also had the first warm impressions for you. We invite you for a few short minutes on a fast scooter!

Pizza Gathering in Piaggio Week – Photos!

On Thursday we met exceptionally on pl. Teatralny, because the grounds of the National Stadium were occupied by concerts and events. Then we went together to restaurant Bez Pracy, where we invited you for an Italian pizza and a drink. Thank you for being there! We are sure we should do such meetings more often…! Tomek Parzychowski Photos:

Piaggio MP3 530 Exclusive – three-wheel luxury, reversing camera, radar and 44 KM for the holder of the right B

Piaggio MP3 is a vehicle that is extremely popular, for example in Italy – for homologation reasons you can drive it with a car license and it has an engine with a capacity of more than half a liter, with an output of 44 hp . In addition, it also has 3 wheels (so safe and stable), it can stop vertically by itself and it has a reverse gear. In the new model for 2023, the MP3 530 hpe Exclusive, there are two more novelties – Blind Spot Surveillance Radar and REAR VIEW CAMERA!

Piaggio Medley 125 S – medium, large wheels, brave premium scooter

Piaggio Medley 125 S has a power of no less than 15 hp, is available in the B category, is characterized by a beautiful style, but above all a lot of comfort, great practicality, premium quality and … big wheels! Watch a short review:

#OperacjaLato @ motogen.pl competition

During Operation Summer 2022, we not only prepared: five weeks points along with intense videos, tests and meetings, but also great match! Up for grabs: Schuberth C5 helmet; 5x Motul backpack with chemicals; 5x voucher worth PLN 500 for motorcycle purchases; 5x TRW brake pad set; lots of gadgets.

In brief! You should prepare a photo, short film or other interesting material on a motorcycle and holiday theme. You need to post it publicly on your profile and add #OperacjaLato and @motogen.pl to it. Finally, we choose the most interesting and captivating works. Creativity and a good mood are what counts. As a hint, you can see which photos were won last year in the previous edition of the competition. Details and details in the following paragraphs and in the regulations.

Competition in a nutshell:
– you upload photos/videos/etc. from July 4 to August 7;
– publication of the results by August 31;
– post a motorcycle holiday photo or video;
– must be public with the hashtag #OperacjaLato;
– must include a tag leading to @motogen.pl on FB or Instagram;
– at the end, the editors of Motogen.pl will choose the most interesting;
– you only win once, but publish as much as you want,
– a list of quantities and all details in the competition article,
– hint: you can see which photos were won last year in the previous edition of the competition.

We encourage you to follow us on social media (Fan page on FB and profile on Instagram), and there we communicate about further attractions.

We would like to thank the partners for supporting Operation Summer 2022 and for donating prizes to the competition:

  • TRW,
  • NGK,
  • EXIDE,
  • MOTUL,
  • 4DRIVE

Engines for Operation Summer are supplied by importers:

– BMW Motorrad,

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