The talented Edyta Pazura praised the decorated terrace. “I probably did the project longer than THE WHOLE HOUSE” (PHOTO)

Edyta Pazura has long been active as influencerka. Female Cezary Pazura eagerly documents his daily activities on Instagram and shares his thoughts, e.g. on raising three children: Amelia, Antoni and Rita. The celebrity regularly posts new posts on his profile, including pictures of holidays abroad or moments spent with your loved ones. For example, Edyta recently reported on the internet about her husband’s big birthday, which in her case resulted in an injury.

As befits a true social media enthusiast, Edyta Pazura also like to show to observers interiors at home. The celebrity and her husband are the proud owners of this charming home properties in Masuria, where they like to spend weekends and holidays, and in their absence they rent it out to tourists. Edyta and Czarek live with their children every day home in Warsaw. Pazura has often shown fans the interior of the Warsaw estate, for example, bragging about Christmas decorations made with your own hands if Versace wallpaper. Recently she decided to present to the world, what her terrace looks like.

Edyta posted a photo on Instagram on Saturday where we can admire her lounging on the cozy terrace. The celebrity provided a place to relax and equipped the aforementioned space with a comfortable sofa and armchairs decorated with pillows and a wooden table. There was also decorative accents in the form of different types of plants in stylish pots and a vase of flowers.

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It turns out that for Edyta Pazura, furnishing the dream terrace was quite a time-consuming process. As the celebrity revealed on Instagram, it took her longer to design the space than the rest of the house.

I probably designed this patio longer than the entire house, but I did it. In the summer I put all the flowers outside, they recover after winter and heating. My summer evenings smell like surfini and maciejka – described Pazura.

Many observers of Pazura were delighted with the arrangement of the terrace and did not spare her warm words. There was also a celebrity in the comments below the post questions about this space. For example, one of the Internet users decided to find out whether the roof over the terrace effectively protects the celebrity from weather conditions.

It is covered with polycarbonate [dach – przyp. red.]but not visible. It also protects against rain – the celebrity assured.

When answering the following user questions, the celebrity also revealed that: “she conceived” a roof that protects its terrace. Another observer, Claws, was interested in the arrangement of the bench visible on the terrace. Cezary Pazura’s wife decided to answer.

This couch is weird, facing the wall… – wrote the Internet user.

It would be even weirder to have a neighbor – Edyta was joking.

See what Edyta Pazura’s terrace looks like.

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two armchairs, a sofa, a table and some plants – ‘project’ 🤌

Nice, but no exaggeration that so much had to be designed. Basic furniture and tons of flowers.

You need exceptional talent, knowledge, experience and construction qualifications to do such a project 😂

Could she win the contest – the most transformed character in show business? What do you think? Maybe you have your types?

I understand that she manages her husband’s budget well as she writes about herself as if she is at a high level in the company. She herself has achieved nothing, she is a tame chicken who lives off her husband. Please don’t blur this line as it offends all self-sufficient, really hard-working women.

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Her pressure on the glass exceeds Mont Everest 🤣 She must be careful because the glass will break and her natural face will be injured🤔

until it took so long to arrange the pillows and sofa hahaha what a shame

Wife wife…

4 minutes. past

After all, he has his own two companies, he is his manager, he has children and a house next to her husband. She finished her studies. It is unfair to allocate her life to the account of her elderly husband forever. She couldn’t do anything and yet…

Make them sell better

she impresses with the wealth she has, thanks to marrying a much older rich man, which she never achieved in her life, even those who pity the clothes and cheap jewelry of my god, she advertises to caesar, lady, nobody loves me

Take, go and buy from a trillion furniture designs and colors available. Proud of herself, of how she sees it and how she likes to rest. The Norwegians celebrate even more minimalism and somehow no one is sticking the pins, but people are still inspired by it. Praise one to the other because the woman enjoys her work and praises her, not some patho history. Where does so much poison come from??? Nice, well-kept house, happy children, Czarek in good shape, he doesn’t drink, no grandma…what’s bothering you??? And they don’t talk about flavors… she has to like it!

This is a project? This looks like a corner in Leroy Merlin’s “gardens” section.

What she has earned forever 🥵 bidulka. there is no shame

The furniture of the plant… how did she come up with it…

Mama’s Bebe

11 minutes ago

Lol Dorota Szelągowska who?

Pillows with ikea, take up a little too much space..

Well, she showed off, designed a terrace overlooking the master’s wall

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