The Sejm approved the carbon emissions bill

On July 22, 2022, the Sejm passed provisions to support households. The carbon surcharge will be 3,000 PLN and will be added to the household budget of households whose heating source is coal or carbon-based fuels. It is intended to replace compensation for coal sellers.

For whom?

– “In Poland, 42% of households still use coal stoves. Therefore, the Coal Surcharge Act passed today by the Sejm introduces solutions that will provide tangible support to many Polish families who use coal to heat their homes” – emphasized minister Anna Moskwa.

As the head of the Ministry of Climate and Environment explained, the energy war and the global fuel market crisis hit the most sensitive consumers, including households.

– “We cannot allow families to run out of fuel in the winter, so we are introducing a one-time coal surcharge of PLN 3,000 for those who have directly felt the effects of the embargo on Russian coal. We are calling on the acting to act quickly to be processed by the Senate” – she added.

The carbon deduction is granted to households whose main source of heating is a solid fuel boiler, fireplace, goat, air heater, kitchen stove, stove, coal stove or solid fuel tile stove – powered by coal, briquettes or pellets, containing at least 85% coal.

In the proposed solution, there are no income criteria and the allowance is also granted to farms that have already purchased coal. A condition for receiving the allowance is registration or notification of the heat source with the Central Emission Registration Buildings.

Applications for the CO2 allowance can be submitted to the municipal office, just like for the shielding allowance. The pattern will be uniform across Poland to ease the burden on municipalities and speed up implementation. Under the regulations adopted by the Sejm today, applications for the payment of carbon emissions can be submitted until November 30, 2022.

There must be other solutions…

Moscow Minister added that the government is also working on solutions for households using fuels other than coal.

– “The government proposes concrete solutions that will prove effective in the current, dynamically changing situation. An inter-ministerial team has been set up for this purpose, which will work on solutions for households that use fuels other than coal”, she says.

The president of UOKiK, Tomasz Chróstny, has initiated an explanation procedure regarding the situation on the coal market. Extensive market research is carried out with the support of the Trade Inspectorate. It aims to examine the rules governing the distribution of the raw material and whether anti-competitive practices may take place during the sale.

– “The current situation in the coal market raises the question of whether there are any illegal practices in it. That is why I have launched an investigation in which we are going to investigate the coal distribution system. In particular, we will look at the role of importers, distributors and sales agents, including coal warehouse owners We will check the structure of the market and relations between entrepreneurs, as well as whether there are any illegal agreements or abuse of a dominant position, said the president of UOKiK, Tomasz Chróstny .

The verification of entrepreneurs operating coal depots will be carried out with the support of Provincial Inspectorates of the Trade Inspectorate and will cover the whole country. The chairman of UOKiK will also call on coal mining and importing entities to provide information, including about their recipients, as well as the method of selling the coal produced or imported. The activities will focus on examining the structure of the coal market, its distribution mechanisms, the relationships between entities operating in this market, the scope of the information exchange between them, as well as examining the mode of pricing.

– “The prices of products in a free market economy are directly determined by entrepreneurs as part of the freedom to do business. The intervention of the chairman of UOKiK should only take place in strictly defined cases, for example if they are the result of abuse of a dominant position by the largest players in a particular market or an agreement prohibited by law entrepreneurs, i.e. market sharing or price fixing In such situations, the authority still does not determine the price level and can only influence it indirectly, i.e. by eliminating illegal practices and increase a particular market, or such practices do not exist in the coal market, said UOKiK president Tomasz Chróstny.

Explanatory proceedings are conducted in the case, not against specific entities. If the analysis shows that there may be anti-competitive practices in the coal market, the chairman of UOKiK can file charges against certain entrepreneurs. Abuse of a dominant position or the use of anti-competitive practices is subject to a fine of up to 10%. Annual sales.

We recommend anyone with knowledge of potential anti-competitive activities in the coal market to contact the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. We have a program to obtain information from anonymous whistleblowers. Go to and use the simple form. The system used guarantees complete anonymity, also towards the Bureau.

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