Take your dog on vacation. It’s easy. Watch celebrities do it

Nowadays you can traveling with a dog in almost any mode of transport: from the tram to the ferry. The vision of almost unlimited possibilities tempts us to visit different parts of Poland, but also the whole world with our dog! However, in order to really pack your beloved four-legged friend into the vehicle, you need to prepare your pet in advance.

Also remember that if the trip is too stressful for your dog, you better leave him in good hands during your vacation. If you see your pet starting to worry, don’t underestimate this – give him support in the form of petting him, placing him on his lap (if his size allows) or in a calm, pleasant tone with him to talk.

You can successfully give your dog a command he knows and likes to follow, or a command commonly used to calm the dog (for example, “lie down”), combined with a pleasant, familiar touch. If you are driving your car, do not let it move freely in a panic.

Take your dog to the vet for checks before departure on a longer journey. Make sure all his vaccinations are up to date. Also take your vaccination booklet with you. When traveling by plane, health certificates are sometimes required.

Ask your vet if your dog is mentally and physically fit for the trip. Remember, not all pets are eager to travel.

To keep your dog healthy during a long trip, take it with you a stock of his solid food. Don’t forget to bring bottled water and any medications your dog needs.

Also be prepared for emergencies. Find the number of the nearest 24/7 veterinary emergency. This way you can react quickly in case of an emergency.

As you can see, Jessica Mercedes and her dog are inseparable no matter the weather. It’s fun to watch this intimate relationship!

A kennel cage or a suitable large transport vehicle are excellent ways to keep your dog safe in the car. This is mandatory if you travel by plane. It can also save your pet from trouble at the hotel or at the host’s home. Kennel cages, especially transporters, are available at some pet stores. When buying, make sure that the space for the dog is big enough and that the walls are stable.

on Instagram Marty Drive you can see her often Alfred’s dogwith whom he travels all over the world. This is because Brussels Griffins are great companions for everyday adventures and need the company of their owners almost all day long.

pet sitters daily care for pets while their owners are on vacation. Usually they stay at the owner’s home, so that the animals stay in the area known to them. In addition to caring for pets, they can also provide basic owner services, such as mail collection or minor home cleaning.

ewa ChodakowskaKnown for her active lifestyle, she often has to be away from home. Then it is unfortunately not possible to take care of your pet. That’s why the trainer used the services the person who takes care of the animals. Because of this, her dog does not have to feel lonely. What do you think of such a solution?

Here you can see that this cute four-legged friend is very important in the trainer’s life. Not so long ago, they collected the keys to a new Greek house together.

If you are traveling and cannot bring your dog, book a hotel room for dogs may prove to be your best choice. These are places where rooms are specially designed for this type of guest. The staff there are well trained for care.

We’re not the only ones who don’t like solitude. While many dogs prefer to stay and function on their property, there are some animals that cannot imagine spending a day without their owner.

Then it is best to travel by car or another private means of transport. Remember not to let your dog sit in the front. It is worth convincing him to enter a carrier that matches his size.

In this way Iwona Węgrowska welcomed her four-legged friend into her family.

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